Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman can hold a unique and noteworthy position in our spiritual pursuit. Here’s a look at his attributes and what we can learn.

In the spiritual universe, there exists a triangle of great significance. This is that of a: 1. Sant (Saint) 2. Hanumant (Lord Hanuman) and 3. Bhagavan (God). For us to be able to make steady progress on the path, Ramayana orator and adept Morari Bapu says one should keep Hanuman at the centre. 

In the Hanuman Chalisa it is said, “Tumhare bhajan Ram ko pave” – this loosely translates to mean that by invoking Lord Hanuman, one can achieve the Supreme Power. It is also said of Hanuman that he is the guard at God’s door – ‘Ram dware tum rakhvare’.

Hanuman acts like a Sadguru in the life of a disciple. Morari Bapu explains that in the Ram Charit Manas, there are four living beings that went against Lord Shiva. The first was his wife Sati, the second was Kama Dev, the third was his father-in-law Daksha, and the last was Bhusundi in the Mahakal Temple. While the first three suffer, Bhusundi is saved due to the grace of his guru.

We are constantly making mistakes, but if we have a Sadguru in our lives, we can be saved. It was for this reason that Bapu places Hanuman at the top in the spiritual triangle. 

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