Indian Lifestyle vs American Lifestyle

Some interesting facts

India and the USA are two proud cultures with a vast population. When we talk about two different countries it’s obvious that there must be many differences between them.

I have been to the USA many times. This time while I am here again I want to share a few of my personal experiences with all of you.

Currency difference is the main reason for people to dream about American life. One US dollar is equal to approximately 75 INR. Be it the USA or any other country if Rupee to Dollar conversion is good, most people would like to migrate offshore. That doesn’t mean they don’t love their country, but the reason may be to grow and spread their wings.

Just like the India United States is a vast country and made up of a diverse group of people. Life can vary greatly from region to region. Even so, a uniquely American lifestyle has developed over time.

I  would like to list a few non-obvious ones:

The light switch

Switch is off USA

Switch is off India


In the USA

In India


In the USA

In India

 In India going to McD is when you want to spend extra money on food. In the USA you will go to McD if you want to spend the least on food.

Flashing headlights

In the USA, it means you go!

In India, it means, Wait! Let me go.😂

 The trunk of a car: This is called Boot in the USA. 

In India, this is called Dicky.

In the USA, tire stores sell and mount tires and also do entire vehicle servicing.

In India (mostly) the vehicle service shops do the entire servicing but won’t sell tires.


In the US it’s normal to leave about 20% in the tip.

In India, it’s up to you what you want to pay.

In the USA when we say glasses it means reading glasses.

In India it means

In the USA most restaurants offer free refills for your drink. This is not the case in India.

In India, richness is measured based on how much money you have in credits.

In the USA, richness is how little debts you have.😎

I don’t know the reason : Air travel is expensive in India but in the USA rail travel is costlier than air travel.

In India, you can burn leaves anytime and there is no restriction on it but in the USA there are rules and there are certain times when this is relaxed.

Drive-through: If you want to save on time, drive through is really fast in the USA. In India, there are a few drive-through options but they take almost the same time to deliver as they take for walk-in orders.

Incoming calls in the USA are not generally free. In India incoming and roaming is mostly free.

The usual drinking age in the USA is 21 years. While in India it’s 18 years. It is very common in the US to be asked for ID in bars and restaurants.

The petrol pump is called the Gas station in the USA. ALL gas stations in the USA are self-serviced whereas in India they have attendants to fill the car. Unlike India, most of the Gas stations on highways in the US are accompanied by toilets and small departmental stores etc.

Distance is measured in miles in the USA whereas in India it’s in Kilometers.

In India, we can afford as many maids or servants as we need to help us while in the USA it’s very costly to hire someone to do our job.😂

I can keep adding to things that are different from India. The USA is a superpower with a most modern style of living. India has a mix of traditional and modern lifestyle. 

Every country has its own culture according to the weather and geographical location.

 That is the reason Indians want to reduce skin tanning to become more beautiful and Americans want to increase skin tanning to look more beautiful.😇😂

None of the blogs or opinions expressed within is meant as advice to you or anybody else on any matter, including but not limited to, personal finance, health, or other matters of life. If you need advice, speak to a professional!

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