Lord Vishnu #7

Dattatreya Avatar

According to religious texts, Dattatreya is also the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The story of their origin is as follows: Once, Mata Lakshmi, Parvati, and Saraswati were very proud of their patriotism. God created Leela to destroy their haughtiness. According to him, Narada came roaming around Devalka one day and went on alternating the three ladies and said that there is no truth in front of the wife of Atari, Anusuya. The three women told this to their owners and told them to take the test of Anusuya’s desecration.

Then, Lord Shankar, Vishnu and Brahma monk came to the ashram of Atri Muni by making them vested. Maharishi Atri was not in the ashram at the time All of them demanded alms from the goddess Anasuya but also said that you have to be aloof and begging us. Anusuya was shocked at first hearing it but then, fearing that the sadhus should not be insulted, she remembered her husband and said that if my religion is true, then all these three sadhus will be six-

At this, Tridev started weeping after being a child. Then Anusuya took her as a mother and breastfed her breast and began to swing in the palanquin. The gods became disturbed when the three Gods did not return to their place. Narada then came and told the whole story. All the three devils came to Anusuya and apologized. Then Goddess Anasuya made Tridev in her former form. Pleased, Tridev gave him a boon that all three of us will be born from your womb in the form of a son.

 Then from the part of Brahma, Dattatreya was born from the portions of maa Durga images and Vishnu with the part of the moon, Shankar.


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