Lord Vishnu#8

Fish Avatar of Vishnu

According to the Puranas, Lord Vishnu took mice to protect the creation from the catastrophe. Here is the story of this: King of Satyagraha in the form of Virtual Raja Satyavrat was one day bathing in the river and giving Jalanjali. Suddenly a little fish came in his Anjali.

 They threw the fish back in the ocean, but that fish said – do not put me in the ocean otherwise big fish will eat me. Then King Satyavrat put the fish in his ka manual. When the fish became big, the king kept it in his lake and seeing that the fish became big.

The king understood that this is not an ordinary organism. The King prayed to fish in the real form. Lord Vishnu appeared in the presence of the Lord of the Chabhujaadan and he said that this is my mermaid. 

God said to Satyavratya – Listen to King Satyavrat! There will be a catastrophe seven days from today. Then with my inspiration, a big boat will come to you. You should sit in the subtle body of saints, medicines, seeds, and beings and sit in it when your boat starts to wither, then I will come to you as a fishery.

At that time you lock that boat with my horn through Vasuki Nag. At that time, when I ask a question, I will reply to you, which will reveal my glory which is famous by the name of Parabrahma, in your heart. When the time comes, the fisherman Lord Vishnu preached the philosophy of King Satyavrat, which is famous as Matsyapuran.


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