The Road to Success Is Paved with Hardships

A Tribute to My Beloved Father 

I want to share something that really inspired me and completely changed my mindset during these recent corona times. This story reminded me that we are built stronger than we think we are. We just must find strength in ourselves. 

When the quarantine first started, I must say that I was feeling sorry for myself as I had my usual travel plans and even my tickets were booked. Shortly after, being locked up in my house, I went into a few days of self-criticism thinking about all the negative things that I could possibly come up with.  

The fact that travel came to a complete halt when I was just ready to leave, the stress that I was quarantined at my home whereas my family was not with me, and the dread of not knowing when I will be able to next see my loved ones were just a few of the many psychological and emotional twists and turns I was going through.  

I believe it’s common to human nature to start reacting in this way when posed with unexpected and unfathomable challenges, without realizing that our mindset and positive outlook on life is totally in our own hands. But, unless actively worked upon, it’s easy to get sucked into negativity instead of fighting it or looking beyond it. 

Here is what happened which helped me overcome my initial reactions: 

I got a phone call from my mom from another city that my father had passed. It was the same time during the lockdown when we were not allowed to even leave the residential complex. Unfortunately, I was not able to be at my father’s funeral. I was in a poor mental state, challenged with deep emotions and low self-esteem. 

For days, I continuously reflected – sometimes on the past and the other times at my present helplessness. Part of that was deeply thinking about my father and his own journey of life. When he was just a kid, he had to flee from Multan (now in Pakistan) during the India-Pakistan partition in 1947. He arrived in India with just his clothes on his back and absolutely nothing else. 

Surviving alone and finally securing employment was not an easy task, to say the least. But being the fighter and a man of strong willpower that he was, he completed his studies while doing small (often, multiple) jobs and ultimately secured government employment. He had a successful career, retired in a senior position, built, and grew a family, and overall, led a happy life. He had been through some of the most difficult times and still came outstanding. 

As I reflected on this, time and again, I could feel the surge of a different kind of emotion – for the lack of a better example, sort of thunder, as I was reminded that I had come from a family of survivors and fighters. If he could find that amount of internal strength and get that far (and bring others such as his family along), then I certainly didn’t have the right to feel sorry for myself. 

I gathered all my courage and decided to find an avenue that will bring my positive energy, self-confidence, and forward-looking personality back again. That’s when I decided to start writing my blog to share, and in exchange also learn, by penning down my thoughts and experiences. I have to say, I haven’t looked back since then and I haven’t felt better in a long time! 

If you are reading this story, like me, you probably have enough resources to lead a comfortable life. Depending on how we see it, we are luckier than the majority of the world. Therefore, we must appreciate what we have and the people we still have in our lives. Maybe the instances such as covid are nature’s way to remind us to be grateful for what we have that we tend to take for granted. 

If you lost your income because of coronavirus, I feel with you. If you are far away from your loved ones, I feel with you too. But let this not drive us to a state of feeling sorry for ourselves. Let’s wake up each morning with a fighter attitude.  

My father passed away last year on this day, April 12th, 2020.  

This is my tribute to my pillar of strength…My Beloved Father. I love you, Daddy. I always did and always will. You will always be with me, in my thoughts, in my life, and perhaps thereafter too. 

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

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