Why social movements should oppose mandatory vaccination (FAQ Part 3) — Romeo F. Quijano MD

I am forced to think again if vaccines will do any good to people?

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How likely are mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in the future? What in your opinion is the strongest reason why social movements should oppose this? It is likely that there will be mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations in the near future. In fact, a “de facto” mandatory vaccination is already being enforced in many parts of the world where […]

Why social movements should oppose mandatory vaccination (FAQ Part 3) — Romeo F. Quijano MD

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7 thoughts on “Why social movements should oppose mandatory vaccination (FAQ Part 3) — Romeo F. Quijano MD

  1. An enlightening entry; that ratifies the thinking of many of us! The central power; It has been in the hands of those who are supposed to be “benefactors of humanity” for centuries, proving every day that its hypocrisy has no limits. Not only in the case of COVID 19. Or someone has wondered; If any of these owners of power, has put into practice the noble example of scientist and virologist Albert Bruce Sabin. Let’s not be so gullible as humanity is in the hands of 20 psychopaths who are not interested in the common good in any way. Kind regards and congratulations on the article.

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    1. Pas de doute ce sujet repulse ! Lorsque dans la prime enfance nous devions subir tous les vaccins on le faisait car impossible de passer au travers sinon pas d’accès à l’école !

      Lorsque j’ai dû voyager dans le monde entier, afin de se protéger : idem !

      Il faudrait bien dans tous cela retirer, les gilets jaunes et tous les autres qui sont contre l’écossais : Mc Rhon !

      Son mentor avait écrit ce qu’il se passe en ce moment dans un livre il y a 44 ans. D’ailleurs il revendique d’avoir fabriqué notre écossais.

      Et bien sûr dans tous ces morts-là, on oublie de défalquer ne nombre de morts, annuel, dus à la grippe hivernale.

      Pas de doute nous sommes tous dans une dictature.

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  2. I don’t want to be fatalistic or dramatic; But if there is not a profound change that sounds utopian to me, we are on our way to extinction. A warm greeting.

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