Why do I love American road trips?

America’s idea of it’s own awesomeness

A road trip, sometimes spelt road trip, is a long-distance travel on the road. Typically, road trips are long distances travelled by automobile.

Culture of America

Travel is a social and cultural practice that Americans have used to construct ideas about themselves, their society, the past, and the future. Road trips have a universal quality. Most Americans will take to the road at some point in their lives, but each person will experience the road differently.

Before going into details, we need to know when and why it started.

 This is known to all that the world’s first motor car was the Benz Patent- Motor wagon, built by Carl Benz. Benz is remembered as father of the modern car, his legacy living on with his name forming one half of the world’s largest car makers, Mercedes-Benz.

The idea of the road trip itself goes back to 1880s Germany, when Bertha Benz, wife of Benz Motorwagen founder Karl Benz, took her husband’s then-experimental car on a then-illegal 66-mile drive through the countryside.

 The first American road trip was taken in 1903 by a doctor named Horatio Jackson.

I am in America right now and enjoying my road trips here. That is the reason I wanted to write about it as I am liking these trips very much.😊 People who are not familiar with American culture can find it amazing. My American friends already know all about this.

The bond between a car and a driver is deeper than just a metallic body. Many men see their car as an extension of themselves. The faster the car is the better. Getting out on road, spending hours behind a wheel and seeing the scenery change is the essence of freedom and exploration. You can’t find that freedom easily except in America.

Let me explain why I am in love with road trips in America.

The beautiful scenery: All I have to do is picking the right point here and I start my road trip. I can travel 3,000 miles or more without having to stop and turn around again. And in such a big country surroundings keep changing as I go. Desert, plains coastal routs, mountains, canyons, forests, lakes and more wiz past my window. Often I feel I am on set of a movie.😇

The empty roads: The roads are so wide and empty that I don’t have to stop at all because of any traffic jam or such thing. Many times I can go for tens of miles without coming across another car. Even if I get stuck behind a car that is slow-moving, chances are there will be plenty of space to pass.

The cheap fuel: At the moment fuel is much cheaper here in comparison to other countries. I can do a long enough trip here in comparison to Europe without thinking how much it will cost me.

The big engines and big cars: Road trips can be enjoyable in any car but if you are traveling long distances, a bit of more comfort is always welcome.😊 Even rental cars are pretty convenient and cheap when it comes to hiring a rental car for long trips. People in America like to camp. 

The culture of cars: Americans like to have big cars with strong engines. They attach a trailer with their big car and go on long trips where they don’t check into some hotel for stay, rather they prefer to camp in some dedicated area for camping. Enjoying the camping in jungles and around mountains or lakes is kind of passion for people here. Doing this they save on the cost of staying in a hotel and enjoy camping and enjoying in nature. Having a nice car is much appreciated here.

I covered Oregon trail (2500miles) and a Border to border (1800 miles) and I can’t explain how much I enjoyed my both the road trips.😊

One major advantage of immersing my mind on a road trip was that I just disconnected my mind from my daily routine and work-related things. Even didn’t write a blog for many days.😀 I had a chance of relishing a stress-free experience by engaging with places and activities that are not part of my routine.

Therefore, if by any chance you have to visit America in near future, don’t miss a road trip.

None of the blogs or opinions expressed within is meant as advice to you or anybody else on any matter, including but not limited to, personal finance, health, or other matters of life. If you need advice, speak to a professional!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

25 thoughts on “Why do I love American road trips?

  1. Thanks for for following my site; you are very good. I love road trips too. I have been to many parts of our beautiful country, and treasure each trip that I made. Please keep up your good work.


  2. Bonjour ou bonsoir la douceur de vivre
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    C’est le regard amical d’un passant.
    C’est répondre au téléphone et entendre avec surprise la voix de ceux que nous aimons
    C’est une bouffée d’air frais après une journée enfermée dans une pièce.
    C’est un sourire
    C’est une promenade au soleil après des semaines de pluie
    C’est le sourire d’un enfant.
    C’est notre chanson préférée à la radio
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    Belle semaine à vous tous profitez bien je vous offre un petit déjeuner

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  3. I enjoy driving across America, especially the Midwest, to see all of the strange side attractions. And of course, Wall Drug in South Dakota, must have the biggest build-up hype ever to go to a tourist trap where you can buy jackalopes.


  4. We do, indeed, love our road trips in America. If you weren’t able to do Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast, you missed a major scenic tour and a favorite. We love our cars, large and small, but also love road trips on a motorcycle. I’ve done a number of them and amazed at the difference. Interesting, getting caught in a hail storm on a bike!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah me too😃 , it is still in pipeline…let’s see when we will go. The bike is always too cool…but we prefer our large SUV cars here. Nice road trips and nice scenery all over.


  5. Anita,

    I agree with everything you said about the pleasures of road trips in the USA.

    You talk of road trips, but my family takes them to get to our destinations, which are national parks for the most part. Our preferred mode has always been a family van or a large SUV trucks, but last year we tried motorized RV. The last one has its own advantages and challenges.

    We have not been to the USA since 2016, exploring our home country Canada instead, but we will surely be back there once the COVID-19 situation eases out.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, K2 for commenting and sharing your views. We also travelled a lot this time in our new Grand chirokee😊. It was a really fun time.
      The USA is very scenic and I enjoy travelling by road here. I am waiting to visit Canada right now. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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