Nabalig yaaden

                     Minor memories

Na jaane kahan chale gae vo din,

Na jane kahan gum ho gai vo raten,

        Vo bachpan ka sawan,, vo masoom baten,

        Vo bebat pe unka ladna jhagdna.

        Vo girna sambhalna vo fir ruth jana,

        Vo daud ke aana aur mere anchal me muh chhupana.

Vo massom kilkariyon se goonjta mera aangan,

Vo khanakty hansi se chehak jata poora ghar.

Vo nanhi ungaliyon se mera hath pakdna,

Vo totali awaz se mujhe kuch samjhana.

        Na samajhne par bhi samjhane ki koshish karna,

        Aur mere dhyan na dene pe rona chillana.

        Mana ki ab tum bahut bade ho gae,

        Utny door ki yaaden baten sab bhul gae.

Suna hai ki tum balig ho gae,

Ye sach hai ki tum balig ho gae.

Magar mery yaadon ka kya karun main,

Un anmol  yadon ka kya karun main.

        Un chhoty chhoty harkaton ko kaise bhul jaun main,

        Jinme ab bhi tum nabalig hi ho.

         Mery godi me chhup jane wale  chhote bachhe hi ho,

         Un bholi nigahon se lubhane wale mere nanhe hi ho.

             Aye kash,ki agar aisa ho jata!

         Mera ladla mery yaadon me bhi balig ho jata 

Shayad uski judai ko bhool pana asan ho jata,

Kash ye nabalig yaaden aj balig ho jaen

Shayad baki jindagy judai ka gham kuch kam ho jae.


Don’t know where those days went,

Β Don’t know whereΒ  those nights, went missing .

Β Those childhood rains, those innocent things,

Β Those innocent fights, those fights without meaning.

They fall, they stand up and go back to tantrums,

That laughter echoed with screams in my courtyard,

 It chirped with a clanging laugh. 

You would hold my hand with your little fingers, 

To explain something to me with that parrot voice.

Trying to explain even if you don’t understand,

 And cry at my lack of attention,

 That you are now too big to recall those memories,

 You have forgotten things because you have become an adult.

 It is true that you have become an adult,

 But what do I do with my memories,

 what should I do with those precious memories.

  How to forget those little things,

 In which you are still a minor,

How to forget your innocent talks,

Where you are still a minor.

A little kid who tried to hide in my lap,

Trying to impress me with those innocent eyes,

You are still minor in my memories.

I wish if it was possible,

My darling would have grown up in my memories too.

Maybe it would have been easier to forget his memories,

I wish these minor memories become adults today,

Maybe for the rest of the life, the sorrow of separation can subside.

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

16 thoughts on “  Nabalig yaaden

    1. Thank you so much Ruqia. Just recalled my memories when kids were small and needed me for everything. Those small moments are precious for rest of my life.😊😊


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