Shararty badal/ Naughty cloud

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Aj aasman hai kyun viraan sa,

Ya sirf mery najron ka dhokha hai!

Na taare na sitaare kahin,

Chaand bhi kahin ja chhupa hai!!

                 Soona sa dikhta hai aasmaan ka patal,

                 Badlon me na hai kahin koi, jara si bhi halchal!

                 Najren dhund rahi hain jaise kisi ko,

      Itny khamoshi, aisi udasi ki, kya hai koi khas wajah!!

Are achanak se ye hua kya,

 Vo nanha badal shararat se muskuraya!

Jaise chori se nikla ho ghar se,

Ya bhul gaya ho rasta fir se!!

                Achnak gadgdaya jor se,

               Jaise awaz di ho apnon ko fir se!

               Kuch aur sathi kahin se aa mile,

              Athkheliyan karte ghumadne lage!!

 Kuch palon me hi asmaan jaise saj gaya,

 Badlon ki garaj umad ghumad se chehak gaya!

Jam ke shor machaya sabne,

Ambar ki udasi ko kahin door bhagaya sabne!!

            Ye kali ghataen, ye khush najare,

            Aise barse tapte dil ki ret pe sare!

           Tapish sary jaty rahi sehra se, 

           samandar bhi jal gaya jab dekhe ye najare!!


Why is the sky so deserted today,

Or is it just my eyes!

Neither stars nor their reflection anywhere,

The moon is hiding somewhere!!

                The screen of the sky looks like a deserted one,

                There are no movements in the clouds!

                Eyes are looking for someone,

                Is there some special reason for such silence, sadness!!

Oh, what happened,

That little cloud smiled mischievously!

As if came out silently from home,

Or if forgot the way back home!!

               Suddenly it thundered loudly,

               Like it’s calling friends!

               A few clouds also joined,

              Thunder started more loudly!!

In a few minutes, the sky was decorated,

With the voice and arrival of clouds!

The clouds made a rumbling voice,

Amber’s sadness was driven away!!

            Those black clouds and happy view,

            It rained like this on a burning heart!

            Like all the heat was taken away from the desert,

            The sea also felt so jealous viewing this!!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

21 thoughts on “ Shararty badal/ Naughty cloud

      1. I know hindi very well and it will be a pleasure for me to write in hindi but most of the new generation folks don’t know how to read hindi. So the problem is different. 😊😊

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  1. Wonderful lines on reality in the Sky in this season. It happens like that and a poet, philosopher like you find something in the beauty of nature, in the color of sky, whether at dawn, at day, at noon, at twilight or at night. You have excellent poetic mind and excellent grip in inking the lines. The description appears to be exactly what has been observed.
    Have a wonderful time ahead.
    Best wishes.😊🙏


    1. Thank you Arun for your kind words and support for my work. I really liked it how you explained the hidden message in this poem. Only a person with deep emotions can understand the feelings expressed in those lines. I don’t have more words to explain .😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are always welcome Anita Ji. We must appreciate beautiful works of one another to inspire and motivate. We write for readers. Why?
        I understand this way:–
        Life changing events happened in my life. I overcame sufferings, stresses and fear of many uncertainties due to so many reasons. After going through sacred Texts and good reads, i realized that all my sufferings are my creations, so I have to follow a different path, a path of Enlightenment. And thus i got rid of all types of fears, stresses and negativities.
        So I have decided to share my views on life through Blogs. That is why I have started sharing essence of Ten Principal Upanishads. Upanishads are very powerful Texts full of Higher knowledge, which you can relate with modern science.
        Please continue to write. You have an amazing ability to express in poetic form. Poetry comes in my mind not through words. So I get my thoughts in your write up. Hence , I understand the underlying knowledge in your poetries.😊🙏😊
        Best wishes.

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      2. It was so nice to read what you wrote. I don’t have much knowledge about Upanishads. I will definitely read and try to understand all those sacred scriptures. Once again I thank you for your support, Arun Ji. 🙏😊

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Please read slowly. Upanishad will definitely give you Wisdom. You yourself will realize that. I do have PDF version also. Or you can read my blogs too, one by one. I have tried to make it simple, easy for beginners.
        Thank you so much.

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