10 Amazing Stories of Lord Vishnu

 you must read #2


Sage Durvasa wagged his fingers angrily, with his blood-red eyes. His forehead twitched and he raised his hands ominously, ‘You have to be taught a lesson. You have grown arrogant and disrespectful. I curse you that you and your Devas will all lose your power and your vigor. You will have no energy and be tired always…”

Indra shook his head, panic-stricken, and yelled, ‘NO!… Please no…Have mercy on me…Please my Lord…Have mercy…’

However, the sage’s words were powerful. Indra could feel his power being drained. He imagined that the other Devas were also facing the same thing.

Indra knew that he had made a huge error and all his friends were paying for his mistake. He had to set things right. Indra still hugged the sage’s feet and begged forgiveness from the sage, “Please Sage Durvasa. Forgive my mistake. Do not give all of us such a harsh punishment…Please”

But all his pleas fell on deaf ears. Sage Durvasa looked at Indra with blood-red eyes, “I will not forgive your mistake…” Sage Durvasa with a stiff upper lip pushed Indra away and walked away, without looking back.

Indra tried talking to the sage again, but he felt his energy ebb away. 

Try as he might, he could not match the speed of the great Rishi. Though Indra tried following the Sage, he fell unconscious. After some time, Indra woke up to find the sage gone. He was all alone. Indra returned home a dejected man.

He called in the council of the other Gods only to find all the other Devas also tired and listless.

Haltingly, Indra explained to the Devas, his encounter with Sage Durvasa. The other Devas were also feeling the effects of the curse. When they came to hear Indra’s explanations, the other Devas were panic-stricken, wondering what to do.

All the Gods were sitting in the chamber in a subdued and defeated manner when a guard suddenly burst inside the room, “Devendra, Devendra… you are needed!” He ran inside breathless and was surprised to find all the Gods sitting listlessly.

The Gods were too tired to ask what was wrong.

To be continued next week...

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