Adolescents: The Most Impressionable People in the World

Thank you so much Jack Laughlin for your post. I am so glad that you agree with what I mentioned in my post. It’s really a serious problem which is effecting mental health of our next generations. More and more teenagers are seeking counsellors advice to address the mental health issues. It will actually be a nice job if we can spread word about this topic.

Technical Difficulties

In this article written by Anita Vij, she talks about how teenagers are the people that are most affected by the influence of technology, and expresses concern that they are growing up without any social skills.

Vij mentions that before there were websites like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram, while kids may have grown up talking on the phone and browsing the internet, it was also more common for them to participate in direct interaction, a practice that has since decreased once these social websites grew in popularity.

While she doesn’t directly mention them in her post, in the author’s description, it is mentioned that Vij is a mother of 2. So it’s likely that she has, or may, know what it’s like to be a parent in this situation. In the article itself, she mentions how most parents don’t even notice their teenage children’s overexposure to social platforms, and the…

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