10 Amazing Stories of Lord Vishnu

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Indra was downcast, unhappily, wishing that he had never met Sage Durvasa. He could see now that he had behaved very arrogantly and all the Devas were paying the price for his carelessness.

He fell on the feet of Brahma, ‘Father… father, forgive me…I have behaved badly.’ He pointed at the other Devas, ‘They are also suffering because of my actions. Please father I will do anything to set this right…I will beg Sage Durvasa to take back his curse…’ He said tears coming to his eyes.

Brahma put his hands on Indra’s head, realizing that Indra had learned his lesson. ‘Sage Durvasa is not an easy man to talk to. If you attempt to go and talk to him about the curse, he would get angry further…’ Indra gulped. He could do without one more curse… Brahma shook his head and sighed, No that would not be the way… there would have to be another way.

Brahma realized that there was no use getting angry at Indra any further and decided to let it go at that. And besides, he had other things to worry about.

Brahma was worried about the defeat of the Devas at the hands of the Asuras. The Devas were supposed to look after the natural elements of the world. Who knows what could happen when the Asuras were in charge? He needed to help the Devas and fast, otherwise, the future of the entire universe was at stake.

But Brahma was a creator God. He did not know how he could set right his problem. But he knew who could set this right. He looked at the Devas. ‘We need to go to Vaikunta, my sons. I am sure Lord Vishnu will solve this problem.

Saying Brahma got ready to leave for Vaikunta – Lord Vishnu’s place. At the mention of Vishnu’s name, Indra’s eyes sparkled. He knew well about the Dark God. He always had a solution to any problem and would help them no matter what.

Much happier now all the Devas went to Vaikunta and met Vishnu.

To be continued…

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