10 Amazing Stories of Lord Vishnu

 you must read # 5

Vishnu saw the tired Gods accompanied by Lord Brahma and narrowed his eyes, ‘Well Indra, What have you done now?’

Indra sighed and fell on his knees, ‘Lord, stop teasing me. You know everything that happens anywhere…Please do not shame me anymore…’ He said dejectedly looking downcast.

Vishnu turned his eyes on Brahma. ‘Well, should I forgive him?’ He asked pointing at Indra.

Brahma looked at Indra and nodded his head. ‘My Lord I think he has learned his lesson.’

‘Ok’ Vishnu said letting out a sigh. He had known the entire episode with Sage Durvasa.

Vishnu went to Indra and said with twinkling eyes. ‘I cannot help you. Only the Asuras can help you now…’

Indra jerked his head up. The other Gods looked at each other and at Vishnu wondering whether they had heard right. Even Brahma looked a little confused.

‘My Lord…’ Agni began hesitantly sure that he had heard right.

Vishnu smiled his twinkling eyes again, ‘Do you know the secrets that are hidden within our great Ocean…’

All the Gods shook their heads. In those times there was a single ocean running through the entire world. It was a very deep ocean, which had never been explored.

When none of the Gods answered, Vishnu answered the question himself, ‘Well a lot of things…’ Vishnu smiled blissfully, ‘…including something to help you…Amrita’

Vayu’s eyes widened, ‘My Lord, did you say Amrita…?’ All the Gods exchanged awe-struck glances. Amrita was the ultimate drink.

 Anyone who drank Amrita would never die, or age and would become extraordinarily powerful…

To be continued…

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10 thoughts on “10 Amazing Stories of Lord Vishnu

    1. These are the stories from our religious books. Lord Vishnu is a Hindu God. According to our books, Vishnu is the preserver and protector of the universe. His role is to return to the earth in troubled times and restore the balance of good and evil. So far, he has been incarnated nine times, but Hindus believe that he will be reincarnated one last time close to the end of this world.πŸ™πŸ™ Thank you for commenting though.😊😊

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      1. Wow, I have heard some things about him but there is always so much mnore, and the details you have given me about what he may do in the future, is very epic πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚. Hearing about his legacy reminds me of many other great events and characters such as those told about in the Mahabharata and other intersting Indian tales that are believed to be accounts of real ancient legends and true history. And you are welcoem as always my friend πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ˜‚

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      2. I feel so happy and grateful to you knowing that you know so much about our ancient history. 😊😊 You even know about “Mahabharta.” Yes, all those stories are true and really interesting to read. But as a matter of fact, even we Indians don’t know much about those stories. That’s the reason I am trying to spread knowledge about them. Just a small effort to let people remind them.😊😊

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      3. Agree wholeheartedly 🀩☺️🌹.

        The Mahabharta is very popular but I understand that the heritage and history of South Asia and all other connected civilizations is far and greater beyond that πŸ’―πŸ™πŸ˜„πŸ˜„, and I am farmiliar with this reality thanks to the great and incredible work that individuals such as yourself has done to spread whatever knowlage you have about your rich (rich in soul and charm) and marvelous culture and, hopefully, you can tell my the feedback from me and others, that your efforts are being well recieved and cherished haha

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      4. Thank you.Killa, for having so much knowledge about our culture and liking it. All the comments can be seen while scrolling down, so please read them and yours also.😊😊

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      5. WOW 🀩🀩. I appreciate that awesome reccomendation and I am very humbled by your lovely compliments ☺️☺️πŸ₯°. Thanks for making me smile and feel welcomed πŸ™πŸ’•

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