Ik Saans pe tiki hai sabki duniya,

Ye aty hai to hum Hum hain!

Ye jaty hai to Hum Kahan hain,

Hai iska koi jawab kahin kya!!

       Kahin Kisi ne pehli Saans li,

       Kai jindagiyan mehak gai!

       Kahin Kisi ne akhiri Saans li,

       Kai jindagiyan sooni ho gai!!

Sambhal in saanson ko aye bande,

Takraar me na bekar kar inhen!

Ikraar ko jagah de aye bande,

Khwahishon per na kharch kar inhen!!

       Kisi ke ansuon se ankhen nam kar sake to kar le,

       Kisi ki umeed per khara utar sake to khush ho le!

       Aise mouke kismat se hi milenge,

       Saanson ki dor se juda rahega tabhi tak milenge !!


Everyone’s world rests on one breath,

If the next breath comes we are alive!!

If it doesn’t where we are,

Does anyone has its answer!!

         Somewhere someone took his first breath,

         So many lives got happy!

         Somewhere someone took his last breath,

         So many lives drowned in the dark!!

Take care of these breaths o man,

Don’t waste them in the fight!

Get yourself to agree with people,

Don’t waste them on your desires!!

       If you can moisten your eyes with someone’s tears do that,

       Be happy if you can live up to someone’s expectations!

       Such opportunities will be met only by luck,

       Only until this thread of breath is there!!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

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