10 Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman

      YOU MUST KNOW # 10

Hanuman and Tantra

Tantra represents the occult side of Hinduism. With the aid of chants (mantras) and diagrams (yantras) Tantriks (practitioners of Tantra) channelize the powers of the cosmos for the advantage of humanity.

Tantriks believe that Hanuman is the most accomplished of their lot having achieved the much- sought after eight occult powers:

1). Anima – The ability to reduce his size.

2). Mahima – Ability to increase his size.

3). Laghima – The ability to become weightless.

4). Garima – Ability to increase weight.

5). Prapti – The ability to travel anywhere and acquire anything.

6). Parakamya – Irresistible willpower.

7). Vastiva – Mastery over all creatures.

8). Isitva – Ability to become god-like with the power to create and destroy.

The Ramayana abounds with tales illustrating Hanuman’s mastery over each of these Siddhas (occult powers). Not surprisingly, he is reverently deified as a Mahsiddha (Maha=Great). 

Jai Bajrang Bali Ji🙏🙏

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8 thoughts on “10 Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman

  1. In China, there is this novel called “Journey to the West” loosely based on a true story of a Chinese monk who went to India to acquire some Buddhist scriptures. One of the most popular character is Sun Wukong aka The Monkey King who basically does everything that Hanuman does . . . with less tantra and more silliness.

    I often wonder if the Chinese took inspiration from Hanuman.


  2. Hey, I don’t know about Sun Wukong but it is possible that the Chinese Monk got inspired by Hanuman Ji. Bajrang Bali aka Hanuman Ji has many supernatural powers. 🙏🙏


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