Kyun nahi samajh pate hum,

Aaj ki jindagy ki dikkaten!

Aj jab sab kuch hai,

Paisa hai power hai Khushi hai!!

           Ye dikkaten tab  to na thi,

           Jab abhav the hasraten thi!

           Lekin unko Kaise poora karte,

           Kyunki vo sahuliyat  na thi!!

 Aj sab hai,

 Lekin santushti Kyun nahi!

 Kya chahie,

 Shayad vo pata hi nahi!!

           Isse to vo abhav achhe the,

           Kam se kam ek Manjil to thi!

           Pata tha kya pane ki koshish me hain,

           Aj na Manjil ka pata hai na raste ka!!

Chale ja rahe hain,

Ankhen band kie hue!

Na samajhte hue bhi,

Shayad samajhne ki koshish karte hue!!


Why don’t we understand,

Problems of today’s life!

When we have everything today,

We have money, power, and happiness!!

               These problems were not there,

                When there were desires and lack of provisions!

                Was impossible to fulfill those wishes,

                Because didn’t have these facilities!!

Today we have everything,

But not satisfaction!

What we want,

Maybe we don’t know!!

                    Those absences were good,

                     At least we had some goals!

                     We knew what we are trying to achieve,

                     Today neither we know the destination nor the road!!

We are walking,

With closed eyes!

Without knowing,

Maybe trying to understand!!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

26 thoughts on “Hasraten/Wishes

  1. दुनिया
    भीतर की दुनिया
    वहां जहां
    वो आत्मा
    सपने के माध्यम से
    हमसे बात करता है
    कठिन है
    समझने के लिए

    एक आता है
    व्याख्या के माध्यम से
    सपने का
    अवलोकन के लिए

    असली दिन हो सकता है
    तथ्य की बात के रूप में
    संतुलन में
    होने और समय के
    बेहतर ढंग से डिजाइन किया जाए


    The world
    the inner world
    there where
    the soul
    through the dream
    speaks to us
    is difficult
    to understand

    one comes
    through interpretation
    of the dream
    for perusal

    may be the real day
    as a matter of fact
    in balance
    of being and time
    be better designed

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  2. Aj sab hai,

     Lekin santushti Kyun nahi!

     Kya chahie,

    Yes true. True for all of us. In the 80s, I mean 1983, when I joined my job, my salary was obviously low, but I was very happy , even when got married 1984 and the life was beautiful. I remember, it was good till 2000. After that found life becoming mechanical.
    Same was applicable to others of my age.
    Now all my friends and colleagues are of same view what you portrayed in your poem.
    Really! You have excellent potential to express through poetry using beautiful words.
    Thank you so much for sharing this expression of mind which is applicable in everyone’s life.
    Best wishes and greetings for the New year to you and your family. Regards


    1. Yes Arun Ji. Santushti can’t be find with money or power thats why everyone is trying to find it. After a successful life, I mean a long successful life if we still feel something is there what we are missing…may be we are very emotional human beings or extra ordinary sensitive people😇. Otherwise there are so many people around us who are still busy with telling lies and show off.
      Thank you so much for understanding my point of view as not many people can think so deeply. I am lucky to have readers like you. 🙏🙏😊😊


    1. I agree with you. Be it google translation or we are trying to change the language ourselves, it definitely changes the emotions we want to express. In our own language we can express our meaning very well but while translating it into english or any other language, it looses depth sometimes.Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it. 😀😊


    1. Thank you so much for visiting my site.🙂 I agree, we all are following the same path in our journey of life. There are very few who feel satisfied with what they have done in their life and what they have achieved in life. Life is a long journey and we are trying to complete it without knowing how long it is or what our destination is.🙂🙂


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