Bhakt  Shiromani Prahlad#2

Devarshi Narada had taken Kayadhu to his ashram in order to make his mother a devotee. In the ashram itself, Narada gave the rites of devotion to God to Kayadhu and the fetus. It is said about Prahlad that he had received the rites of devotion in the womb of his mother.

 Prahlad became a devotee since childhood, even after being born in a demonic being, on being in the company of a Supreme Bhagwat like Narada. 

Seeing Prahlad becoming a devotee, father Hiranyakashipu sent the son to the ashram of the demon Shukracharya. There he learned worldly sciences, but only the rites of devotion flourished. Apart from Narada, sages like Dattatreya, Shanda, and Mark also educated and cultivated Prahlad.    

Meanwhile, Hiranyakashipu’s penance ended and he got a boon from Lord Brahma to be omnipotent in all three worlds. (After his brother’s death, Hiranyakashipu performed yogic penance by standing on an anthill holding his arms above his head. Impressed by his ascetic act, Brahma agrees to grant the demon king powers of invincibility).

After this, he again came back to his demon city and saw the authority of the gods there. After this, he not only got the demon city back by his boon, but also established authority over the three worlds and deposed Indra Dev from the seat of heaven.

Kayadhu and the devotee Prahlad also returned to their city after taking blessings from Narada Muni after receiving the information that Hiranyakashipu’s penance was over and returning to his city again.
To be continued 

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