Bhakt  Shiromani Prahlad # 3

Hiranyakashipu’s atrocities on devotee Prahlad (Bhakt Prahlad Ki Leela)

Hiranyakashipu had become very powerful as a result of a boon from Lord Brahma. In this ego, he refused to accept Vishnu as God and gave himself the title of God. Whoever worshiped Vishnu in the three worlds, he would have killed him, but when he saw his own son absorbed in Vishnu’s devotion, he started burning in the fire of anger.

His son Prahlad refused to worship him as a God. He continued believing and worshipping Lord Vishnu. This made Hiranyakashipu very angry and he made various attempts to kill Prahlad. He tried several times to kill his five-year-old son Prahlad but every attempt proved unsuccessful. 

He threw Prahlad in front of mad elephants so that he would be crushed under their feet, thrown into a well full of snakes, thrown into a ditch from the top of the mountain, tied shackles, and threw him in the sea, to be killed by weapons. 

One of Prahlad’s uncles Hiranyaksha had died while trying to become immortal. When the gods came to know, knowing the right opportunity, they attacked Daityapuri. 

Prahlad’s father Hiranyakashipu considered himself a god. He started doing his worship. He had attained such powers and siddhis that no creature, anywhere, at any time could kill him. He is indifferent to any creature, deity, demon, or human being, neither in the night nor in the day, neither on earth, nor in the sky, nor at home, nor outside. Not even any weapon could affect him.      

Having received such a boon, he became an autocratic tyrant. Prahlad’s devotion to Vishnu started badly. Several attempts were made to kill Prahlad, but each time he survived.

To be continued

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