Is Dieting Worth It

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I was having lunch with my friend and we got to talking about our old times and struggles, how we managed to line up all our household and job-related problems. The more we talked, the clearer it became that we have transformed our lives in a better way.

We knew that the struggles we were facing at that time were not meant to be there for the rest of our lives. As soon as my friend said,” This is not the life that I can live for the rest of my life,” I immediately realized that I was no different.

It is unimaginable for me to survive with this torturous diet. Trying my best to eat every alternate day but ending up ‘stuffing’ myself to avoid this feeling of being deprived. Obsessing over food, my body, and the weight on my scale cannot be the best way to lead a healthy life. 

And that is when I realized something. If we truly want happiness, we must ask ourselves, “what truly makes me happy?” It is no crime to do what you love. There is no guilt in enjoying this world after having achieved the best in our personal and professional lives.  

Now is the time to take proper and good care of ourselves as everything else in our lives is already been taken care of. 

And so, I refuse to be a woman with eating problems and always battling with my weight and food problems by starving myself. The days of struggle when I could not afford to make time for the gym due to professional and family responsibilities are gone. 

In fact, I hate it now  (my behavior…not myself). 😊😊 I want to live my life free from this mindset as I was living in my childhood years. We were always free to eat whatever we wanted and never had a second thought about it. 

These thoughts brought back many small yet enjoyable memories for both of us, putting smiles on our faces. For a moment we once again felt like happy kids who could enjoy anything and everything.

After much discussion, we decided that it was time to live like it was 1980. We would become whole and healthy and for that, we will do whatever is needed. Gym and fitness routines and strong motivation will help us win.

A life free of diet plans, honoring my natural appetite, keeping my head free for more future plans beyond my next meals. That will surely nurture both my soul and body better.

We can not live our whole lives to impress everyone. Feeling comfortable with what we are and who we are is the most important to lead a happy and healthy life. We have to do things that are perfectly in alignment with our true nature. We will always fail trying to be somebody we are not.

And so before we left, we said to each other that it was time to “be OUR true selves and that our loved ones will love us for who we are.”

Give a thought to it !!😊😊

None of the blogs or opinions expressed within are meant as advice to you or anybody else on any matter, including but not limited to, personal finance, health, or other matters of life. If you need advice, speak to a professional!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.


  1. Fantastic post 😊
    A practical question for all of us.
    Whether to maintain diet or to maintain weight or this or that???
    You have raised questions and also said your replies.
    I fully agree what you said.
    And i am happy to say that I follow balanced diet/ include everything that I like (no restriction on items).
    Only restrictions are on quantity.
    No skipping of food. Food in time.
    Excercise must in the early morning (Pranayama and Surya namaskar). No Gym.
    So far so good.
    Let us enjoy life.
    Let us be child again.
    Let us be joyful.
    Thank you so much for sharing a good thought.
    Regards 😊🙏

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    1. Thank you, Arun Ji.🙏🙏 This topic remains always on top, whenever friends meet nowadays. 😊 😊 How much weight is gained or lost etc. Dieting is a fashion. If someone orders a black coffee without sugar, he or she is a fitness enthusiast. 😊 Maintaining a sustainable lifestyle should be the mantra but people tend to eat more and exercise is always on the waiting list. If a diet and exercise routine is set, there will not be any problem of weight gain.
      Life is a long journey, so restricting things won’t work. You are right…portion size should be reduced instead of totally restricting them.
      Yoga and prayanam should be the first thing to be done to start the day. So we are doing that. 😊 When health is good we actually feel like a child from inside. I totally agree with you. If life is free from restrictions and health issues, we feel happy and content inside out. 😊 😊
      Stay healthy and happy always.😊🙏


      1. 💯 Percent Sahamat Anita Ji 🙏
        We are of same opinion regarding day to day life. It matches.
        To live here in this world, we have to be stress free. Like child 😊
        Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise well. Think well. Read well. Travel well. Last but not the least* Write well ✍️
        You Think well and write well.
        As such we have exchange of knowledge and views.
        Have a blissful day ahead 🙏

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      2. Live long…don’t know…it’s a long journey as life expectancy has increased. Late fifties has so many years ahead to live. Peaceful…yes,after completing our responsibilities we deserve that atleast…happiness is within, we have to find that and it’s not easy for everyone. Just a few can do that and be and always.😀😊

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      3. Anita Ji
        I have reached the Banaprastha of life.
        Running 63 years of age.
        So, I have decided to train myself to become desireless.
        To be honest, it is working.
        I will request you to look into 2 subjects.
        1. Jivan Mukti.
        2. Karma Mukti.
        Where do I stand?
        I stand before * Jivan Mukti*
        Liberation in this life itself.
        For Jivan Mukti, one need not die to get liberated.
        In this whole process, Advaita Vedanta philosophy has helped me in totality.
        To understand Advaita Vedanta, Quantum has helped me.
        Moreover, Electro Magnetic theory also helped me in grasping the concept.
        As far as the concentration towards this subject is concerned, Patanjali Yoga Darshan has helped me a lot.
        Take care always 😊
        Regards 😊🙏

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      4. Arun Ji, you have a vast knowledge of Vedantas and Upnishads. I don’t have that, but just general knowledge.😊 What I know is, everything depends on our perception and how we take our life. You are so noble and kind that you trained yourself to be desireless at this age when most people are searching for more materialistic things and more luxury in life. In this modern world, it’s just middle age.
        I just do meditation for concentration. 😀😊 Thank you for sharing your inspirational views.

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      5. Thank you so much Anita ji for your lines that inspired me more 🙏
        I have experienced that always I achieved what I desired ( legitimate and ethical desires only).
        I have also experienced that fulfilment of desires, though gave me pleasure and happiness, yet they were the cause of unhappiness too.
        With age, I experienced that if I have to live happily, then my desires should be without attachment. Attachment less desires for all that are finally exhaustible. By God’s grace, as I told you, books saved me. Or else I couldn’t have been here what I am today.
        Slowly books took me in a guided path. Amazing.
        I have published 2 posts on 7th chapter of Chhandagyo Upanishad. It is known as Bhooma Vidya. If you get time, please read. Two more posts on Chhandagyo Upanishad will be published soon.
        Wonderful concept! Upanishad teaches to enjoy everything without attachment.
        There is also amazing beauty, when you become observer of all events.
        Events will not move you.
        Simply you will watch.
        You will say to yourself. ” Oh! That’s it”
        Thank you so much for your encouragement and support ☺️
        Best wishes on the occasion of Vasant Panchami.
        Happy Saraswati Puja.
        Regards 🙏🙏

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      6. I think without attachment means looking at things objectively. Yes, I also do that. In any situation, we should try to see and manage things objectively, which means not involving ourselves and finding the solution.
        I read these posts…”7th chapter of Chhandagyo Upanishad,” today and it’s very knowledgeable. Narada seeking knowledge from Sanatkumar.
        If we see and feel everything objectively we will not get hurt. You are right. Why should we get into the things when we can observe them without getting deeply involved in them. As a result, we will just watch them and will not be moved much.
        We will be ready for any such thing to happen and face it.
        Thank you so much.
        Happy Saraswati pooja.🙏🙏

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  2. My daughter is an artist/barista in Savannah Georgia USA. She recently posted a video of her sketchbook. In the audio, she mentioned that she decided to be happier last year by sketching what pleased her instead of what she thought might please someone else. The point is, if it makes you happy, do it. You are the person who lives with you for the rest of your life.

    Be Seeing You!

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    1. You are absolutely right. We have to live our life according to our convenience. So we should do whatever makes us happy, not the whole world. Your daughter is very intelligent at such a tender age.😊😊 Thank you for reading and commenting.


  3. Hi,Dear nice to meet you i am Harold martha pleaseI know that it looks strange to contact whom you dont know, but i plead for your respond to my privet Email, ( that we can exchange ideas for reasons

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    1. Thank you Sowmya. We are always conscious about how we look and what others think of us. Especially weight is a topic of concern always. Most of us diet whenever we can, Including me😀😊 So this topic was on my mind always, and maybe I wrote this post to convince myself, not to diet and just maintain balance. I balance it most of the time, but still, sometimes I tend to overeat so this post.😀😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your nice comments.😊😊 This is an ongoing topic nowadays. Everyone is talking about exercise, diet and lifestyle changes one can make easily. I myself keep checking how to loose a few more pounds.😊😊 That was the reason I justified myself for being what I am …although I am fit and a fitness freak but as you know we all want more…so it’s natural.😊😊


  4. Thank you for sharing incredible wisdom!

    My Mom taught me that my “body is only the mold that holds my soul.” I need to frequently recall and practice her words, especially in this food driven culture. Who would have thought pics and conversations that revolve around food would become viral?!

    Keep writing your light into a sometimes-dark world,
    Christina M. Eder, author, speaker, life coach

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    1. Thank you so much Christina. I can’t tell you how I am feeling right now as I am reading your comments. 😊 It means a lot to me coming from you. You yourself are a good writer.
      You are right. This life is dark at times, but we have to light a candle to ward of this darkness. I will try my best to do what God has sent me for.
      Appreciate your comments. 😊 😊


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