Bhakt  Shiromani Prahlad # 7

Life of Prahlad after the death of Hiranyakashipu 

After the death of his father, Prahlad became the king of the three worlds. Despite being from the Daitya clan, he adopted the path of non-violence and dharma and protected everyone. In his kingdom, all the subjects were living happily. He used to donate every day to Brahmins and without taking up any weapon, he used to win overall.

Because of Prahlad’s nature, he became dear to both the gods and the demons. When Prahlad grew up, he was married to a woman named Dhriti. Thus Prahlad’s wife’s name was Dhriti from whom he had a son named Virochana. Virochan’s son’s name was Bali, whose humiliation was done by Lord Vishnu by taking Vamana avatar.

One day Indra cheated Prahlad because of his charitable behavior. In the early morning, he had asked Prahlad for his modesty/kingdom in the guise of a Brahmin. Due to this, the entire kingdom was lost at the hands of Prahlad. 

Narasimha gave him the kingdom of Hades. He went to Naimisharanya and got to know Narayan’s darshan and his form. Due to Prahlad’s penance and good deeds, Indra, the king of the gods, handed over his position to him. But he did not stay with them.

 Indra told his grief to Brihaspati, the guru of the gods. At the behest of Brihaspati, one morning Indra went to Prahlad. Prahlad used to donate every morning in morning. At that time, they do not return empty-handed to any petitioner. At the behest of Devguru, Indra went to Prahlad. Prahlad also asked him to ask for something. Indra asked for his modesty. 

To be continued…

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