School Days

Aaj mujhe Kyun yaad aa gaya,

Vo school Jane ka jamana!

        Subah jaldi me uth kar,

       Ulta seedha taiyar hona!!

Jaldi se bag utha kar,

School ke lie bhagna!

      School me ja kar bhi,

      Prarthna me na Jana!!

Pet dard ka bahana bana ker,

Vo doston ke sath shaitani karna!

      Chupke se lunch ke pehle hi,

      Chori se tiffin khana!!

Chhutti hone ke bad bhi,

Ghar na ja ker vahin khelna!

     Kahan gaya vo mera school ka jamana,

     Mere shararti doston ka mujhe yun bhulana!!


Why did I recall some past memories,

When I used to go to school!

        Getting up early in the morning,

        To get ready upside down!!

Quickly picking up school bag,

Rushing to school!

         Even going to school,

         But not attending the prayer!!

Making excuse for stomach ache,

Messing around with naughty friends!

       Secretly eating tiffin,

       Before lunchtime!!

Even after school is over,

Playing there avoiding going home!

      Where did my school days go,

      Why my naughty friends forgot me!!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

16 thoughts on “School Days

      1. Oh yes, I identified with it completely…good memories and was very enjoyable. And I haven’t been in school for a long time ❀️❀️

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      2. Yeah, it seems like a lifetime now. But whenever we go down the memory lane, it just feels like it was just a few years back. I remember everything like it happened yesterday..😊 😊

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      3. I liked school because of the people I knew. I wasn’t a good student at all. Happy memories are all about friends 😊❀️❀️

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  1. Ekdom yaad aa gaya ji, yaad aa gaya.
    Absolutely! I agree with you. Those days will never come back. School days were best in life with lots of friends. School and then my college days in hostel was more joyful than in school days. During college days, OfCourse the stress was more. Therefore, school days were best.
    Even in my life in job was great when i had to undergo training in our training college CATC = Civil Aviation Training college, at Allahabad. Longest trainings were for 3 months and one month trainings were many. I felt very happy and free in training hostel. My last training for long period was in 2015 in Allahabad. We felt that we were back to college days. indeed our training institute is a college.
    Now no more chance. I am retired. Retired on 2018/ December.
    Now the life is confined mostly in home. Corona has impacted our normal life. My friends have become old in mind and age.
    They are not ready to come out of home. Life is very dull for many.
    Thanks God that i have chosen a life in search of Enlightenment. My days and nights passes through studies and meditation.
    I feel very happy when you post on the days of our childhood. Like you posted on Rainy day!
    Bring more !
    Have a wonderful time. Regards.πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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    1. Haha…Ana hi tha na yaad. School ka vo jamana kise bhoolta hai. College was really more enjoyable but those memories are different and will share that too sometimes.😊 In school days we are more innocent and do different types of devilish things.
      Whenever we are with our friends we feel that again we are just kids with no boundaries.
      Even today we are different with our close friends than everyone else in our lives. Age has to be increased with time but the mind should not be affected by that.😊 Like you wrote in your post that this body ages but our soul is always the same.
      Meditation and reading are good but everyone has to be lively and cheerful. Then people would like to connect with you and get rid of their problems temporarily. Laughter is the best medicine and antiaging remedy.😊😊
      Thank you so much for sharing your school and college time memories. It was nice to know about it all.πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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      1. //Like you wrote in your post that this body ages but our soul is always the same.// Exactly!
        //Whenever we are with our friends, we feel that again we are just kids with no boundaries.//..Fully agree
        //Laughter is the best medicine and antiaging remedy.😊😊………..100% sahamat.
        We must forget age. Indeed, we are ageless otherwise. We must forget all problems and get connected with friends. Otherwise, how we will live in a society?
        Without friends, life is dull. This corona has damaged quite a lot. Now slowly we are returning back to our old days when we used to enjoy together in house or out somewhere.
        Thank you so much Anita ji for that you have beautiful heart, mind and brain. You reflect those what are practical in our lives and essential too to maintain a smooth life.
        With all these, we will still progress more in the path of enlightenment.
        I wish you write an article on old hindi songs and movies. I will also contribute my stories.
        Best wishes and regards!

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      2. Thank you so much Arun Ji for your nice comments. I am just a very normal person and try to stay down to earth. I am God-fearing and over-emotional which reflects in my writings. 😊😊 That’s all.
        I will share an article coming Friday on old songs. You can share your views as always and give me more input for the next articles also.😊😊
        You are always welcome to share whatever you want to.

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