Bhakt  Shiromani Prahlad # 8

Indra asked for his modesty. 

He told his modesty to leave. The character, bravery, and splendor were all gone. In the end, a life-long beam came out. When Prahlad looked at him, he said, “You now have neither valor, nor glory, nor tenacity, nor prestige, nor wealth. 

Hearing my departure, all the personalities left. Now I am going too.” Indra took everything from Prahlad by taking only modesty. The story says that from modesty there is gaiety, energy, and life. No matter how many people are around, a person can remain blooming like a lotus in water.

 Enraged by this, the demons attacked the gods.

Later Prahlad had his kingdom again and he handed over the burden of the kingdom to his son Virochana and himself went to attain salvation.

 In this way, Prahlad spent his whole life in establishing devotion, virtue, the dharma of Lord Vishnu. Due to this behavior of Prahlad, he became the most beloved devotee of Lord Vishnu even after taking birth in the Daitya clan.

The reasons that Fagun(month of February) is famous include its passion for crazy and fun. It is not that Phagun has come for the first time and has awakened joy and gaiety among the people, but it is said that the beginning started with Prahlad. 

Prahlad means a personality full of a special kind of gaiety. There may have been ecstasy in the past, but in the acquired or developed state, it was established for the first time in the form of Prahlad.

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    1. Haha, Thank you so much, Jim. India has many many true stories and mythological stories about our Gods and their devotees. They show, how difficult it was for them also to survive. Keep reading …more stories I will share about our Gods. Hope you will like them .🤗🤗

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