Ek vo Samay tha jab,

Hum nae nae bade ho rahe the!

     Har Shakhs sachha lagta tha,

     Sab kuch achha sa lagta tha!!

Roj nae dost bante the,

Hum kitne khush rehte the!

     Ek ye dour hai,

     Ki hum bade ho gae hain!!

Sab per shak hi karte hain,

Sab kuch dhyan se parakhte hain!

     Fir bhi dhokha kha jate hain,

    Pareshan se fira karte hain!!


There was a time,

When we started growing up!

       Everyone seemed genuine,

       Everything seemed fine!!

Made new friends every day,

We all were so happy!

        This is also a phase,

        That we are mature now!!

We doubt everyone,

We examine everything carefully!

      Still, we get deceived,

      Always feel troubled!!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

18 thoughts on “Dour/Phase

    1. Thank you, Arun Ji.🙏🙏 We have actually changed a lot, after our mature years in this world. Maybe this world itself taught us so many lessons that we are forced to doubt everything and everyone. We are always conscious before doing something different. There can be so many examples of our fear in our daily life. But still, we tend to make some mistakes and repent later. Am I right? 😊😊

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      1. You are absolutely right Anita Ji.
        This jamana has taught us.
        I have been taught too.
        I wish to write about my journey, life journey too.
        *Blessings in disguise*
        Whenever I was ditched, I was lifted by the invisible power. Some intuition worked automatically. I can’t write more in this forum.
        Only this much I can say I have been betrayed very badly.
        As a result my mind turned towards the path of enlightenment. Anita Ji, yeh duniya jitna acchha hai, usse bahut bahut kharab hai.
        You are 💯 percent right. Your post reflecting the reality.
        Whatever be,the life journey is very joyful. I will request you to read my post * what is joy* in 3 parts.
        Thank you so much.😊🙏

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      2. Agree with you. This life has taught us so many lessons and actually, we are here for learning new lessons every day and increase our wisdom.
        We are not born to just enjoy and have all the happiness here, along with that…we have to learn bitter lessons also which make us strong. We get stronger and face more challenges in life.🙏😊

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