Bhakt  Shiromani Prahlad # 4

For many traditions in Hinduism, Holi celebrates the death of Holika in order to save Prahlad and we see where Holi gets its name. 

The night before Holi, pyres are burnt in North India in keeping with this tradition. In some parts of India, the day is actually called Holika Dehan. There are other activities associated with the story of Prahlad, but the burning of Holika is the one that we can most directly associate with Holi.

 The story as a whole is a testament to the power of devotion (Bhakta)over the evil represented by King Hiranyakashipu, as Prahlad never lost his faith. The burning of Holika is the most common explanation according to Hindu Puranas for the celebration of Holi.

 In different parts of India, varying reasons are given for Holika’s death.

Prahlad’s devotion to Lord Vishnu made Hiranyakashipu very angry and he made various attempts to kill Prahlad. During a particular attempt on Prahlad’s life, King Hiranyakashipu called upon his sister Holika for help. Holika had a special cloak garment that prevented her from being harmed by fire. 

Hiranyakashipu asked her to sit on a bonfire with Prahlad, by tricking the boy to sit on her lap. However, as the fire roared, the garment flew from Holika and covered Prahlad. Holika burnt to death, Prahlad came out unharmed.

Lord Vishnu himself would come to save Prahlad’s life every time.

To be continuedβ€¦πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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21 thoughts on “Bhakt  Shiromani Prahlad # 4

  1. This part of the story has an information, a great teaching for us.
    Mis use of power causes death.
    That’s what seen here. Happened with Holika.
    One should not do harm to others. Particularly, to such devotees, who are always under care of Supreme Power. Directly connected and continuously connected.
    It is true for Bhakta Prahlad. Sri Hari Vishnu always saving the child miraculously.
    Thank you so much Anita Ji for sharing this story.
    My best regards to you.

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