Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman



Upon returning, he tells his scouting party what had occurred, and they rush back to Kishkindha, where Rama had been waiting all along for news. Upon hearing that Sita was safe and was awaiting him, Rama gathered the support of Sugriva’s army and marched for Lanka. Thus begins the legendary Battle of Lanka.

Throughout the long battle, Hanuman played a role as a general in the army. During one intense fight, Lakshmana, Rama’s brother, was fatally wounded; it was thought that he would die without the aid of an herb from a Himalayan mountain. Hanuman was the only one who could make the journey so quickly and was thus sent to the mountain.

Upon arriving, he discovered that there were many herbs along the mountainside, and did not want to take the wrong herb back. So instead, he grew to the size of a mountain, ripped the mountain from the Earth, and flew it back to the battle. This act is perhaps his most legendary among Hindus. A chunk of this mountain was said to be fallen down while carrying and the present-day β€œMount Roomassala” is believed to be the fallen piece.

In the end, Rama revealed his divine powers as the incarnation of the God Vishnu, and slew Ravana and the rest of the demon army. 

Finally finished, Rama returned to his home of Ayodhya to return to his place as king. After blessing all those who aided him in the battle with gifts, Rama gave Hanuman his gift, who threw it away. Many court officials, perplexed, were angered by this act. 

Hanuman replied that rather than needing a gift to remember Rama, he would always be in his heart. Some court officials, still upset, asked him for proof, and Hanuman tore open his chest, which had an image of Rama and Sita on his heart. 

Now proven as a true devotee, Rama cured him and blessed him with immortality, but Hanuman refused this and asked only for a place at Rama’s feet to worship him. Touched, Rama blessed him with immortality anyway. Like Shesha Nag, Hanuman would live on after the Kalpa (destruction of the universe).

Jai Bajrang Bali JiπŸ™πŸ™

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3 thoughts on “Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman

  1. Like Shesha Nag, Hanuman would live on after the Kalpa (destruction of the universe).

    This is 100 percent true.
    My grandfather was a full devotee of Hanuman Ji.
    He first told me, when I was mere child that Hanuman Ji is present in Himalaya.
    My Gurumata Ji also told me when I was teen aged, that Hanuman Ji is alive and is present in Hamalaya.
    Also this is true for Aswathama, son of DronaCharya

    Thank you so much for sharing story of Lord Rama.

    After some days, most likely I will publish post on YOGA VASHISTHA
    Profound text on Advaita. non dualism
    how the master, Guru of Lord RAMA, Sage Vashishta, taught him about this world and Universe.

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    1. Yes, I will share a story on this soon. Hanumanji is still alive. He will always be alive on earth.
      Ashwathama is also alive and there are so many videos on you tube and I have seen it.
      I am excited to read post on Yoga Vashishtha.
      Your writings are very much valuable for readers. Please keep writing for all of us.πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»


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