Jab janam leta hai ek bachha,

Tabhi banty hai ek ladki maan!

         Ek chhoti si jaan me hai kitny takat,

         De sakty hai ek ladki ko ek naya naam!!

Ek jindagy ko janam dena koi asan kaam nahi,

Ek ladki ko maan ka darja dena koi asan kaam nahi!

         Us darje ko bnae rakhna koi asan kaam nahi,

         Us darje ko ijjat dena bhi koi asan kaam nahi!!


When a child is born,

Only then a girl becomes a mother!

          How much power is there in such a small life,

          Can give a new name to a girl!!

Giving birth to a life is not an easy task,

Giving mother status to a girl is not an easy task!

          Maintaining that status is not an easy task,

          To give respect to that status is not an easy task!!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

23 thoughts on “Maan/Mother

    1. Thank you, Tone. I feel it’s a blessing to be born as a girl. This gives us the privilege to become a “MOM.” Mom is considered to be next to God so this is a status to feel proud of.😁 🌸

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      1. I have two girls now in their 20’s, not Mums though. I hope they are given the respect and opportunities they deserve. They’ve both completed Uni degrees and I’m very proud of them πŸ˜€

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      2. You are right Tone. we are always proud of our creations…our children. We feel more proud when they also reciprocate in the same way. Many parents are very disappointed with their children nowadays. I wish everyone’s children honor them and respect them.πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»

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    1. Thank you so much Felic for reading and commenting here. I agree it’s not easy to be a parent but it’s equally difficult to give parents the status and respect they deserve. Kudos to children who are doing that. Lucky are the parents of such children and I am the one among
      them.πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ» God bless them.


    1. Thank you Narayan for liking and commenting on this poem. I agree with you that mothers are always great and are considered next to God as they bring a new life to this world.
      I want to thank all those children also who respect this status and make their mothers feel proud. When a mother feels satisfied with her children, that feeling is just incomparable to anything in this whole world. 😊😊

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      1. You are right Narayan.😊😊 My boys pamper me and respect me very much. I am very thankful to God for having such nice and smart boys. In this modern world also they are very obedient and caring.

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    1. I agree John. Nothing can be compared with the love of a mother. It’s forever and unconditional. No matter what the circumstances are but mother is a mother.😊😊

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