Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman



Hanuman is extraordinarily strong, one capable of lifting and carrying any burden for a cause. He is called Vira, Mahavira, Mahabala, and other names signifying this attribute of his. During the epic war between Rama and Ravana, Rama’s brother Lakshmana was wounded. He could only be healed and his death prevented by a herb found in a particular Himalayan mountain. Hanuman leaps and finds the mountain. There, states Ramayana, Hanuman finds the mountain which is full of many herbs. He doesn’t know which one to take. So, he lifts the entire Himalayan mountain and carries it across India to Lanka for Lakshmana. His immense strength thus helps Lakshmana recover from his wound. This legend is the popular basis for the iconography where he is shown flying and carrying a mountain in his palm.

Strength of body and mind, anyone? Be it physical fitness or meditation to make the mind strong, do whatever it takes so you can be a ninja when it’s needed the most.

Hanuman was physically the strongest warrior in Ramayana.

Hanuman was able to swoon and defeat Ravan with a single blow to his chest . All the gods including Indra praised and worshipped him for his valour.

The son of the wind god was enraged and attacked Ravana. With a fist that was like the vajra, he angrily struck him on the chest. As a result of that blow with the fist, Ravana, the lord of the rakshasas, trembled and fell down. He sank down to his knees on the ground. Seeing that Ravana, terrible in his valour, was unconscious in the battle, the rishis, the apes, and the gods, with Vasava, roared.

The rakshasa’s advisers who were present were astounded. The rakshasa became angry at his hands being crushed. He emitted an extremely loud roar that filled up the three worlds. Thinking that the worlds were about to end, humans were terrified at the sound. The gods were also agitated and were distracted from their own tasks.

 With our Subtle mind and mortal body, it is not possible to know his real strength- His strength is unfathomable….

Hanuman is very well known for his physical strength. The name Bajrang is acquired by Him due to this reason. Bajra is a cultural variation of Vajra. Anga means a body. Vajrayana means one with a body like the Vajra. Here, Vajra can be interpreted as strong and also as strong as the thunderbolt of Indra.

mahāvīra vikrama bajarangī।

kumati nivāra sumati ke sangī॥ 3 ॥ Hanuman Chalisa.

You are the great hero, you are endowed with valour, and your body is as strong as Indra’s Vajra. You are the destroyer of vile intellect, and you are the companion of one whose intellect is pure.

Jai Bajrang Bali Ji 🙏🙏

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