Khamoshi/ Silence

Aaj fir ye hawa,

Khamosh si kyun hai!

          Ankhon me fir se,

          Ye nami si kyun hai!!

Kya kahin hua kuch aisa,

jiski mujhe khabar hi nahin hai!

       Waqt ki bury adat hai,

       Hamesha ek sa rehta nahi hai!!


Why again today,

This wind is so silent!

Why are my eyes,

Moist again!!

Did something happen somewhere,

Which I don’t even know about!

Time has a bad habit,

         Doesn’t always stay the same!!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

9 thoughts on “Khamoshi/ Silence

    1. Yeah, you are absolutely right. Time keeps changing its colors and we have to go with it…either willingly or unwillingly. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


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