Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman


Attribute- Learned Yogi

If Shiva was the Adi Yogi, Hanuman was also a Yogi. It is said that he was the inventor of the Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation). He invented it as a form of Guru Dakshina for his Guru, Surya or the Sun God, who taught him the Scriptures.

Supposedly, Lord Hanuman was also the first to teach Pranayama to mankind. It was Vayu, the God of wind, who taught Pranayama to Hanuman. Yoga Anjaneyar is a form of Hanuman, who is depicted in a yogic pose. In Yoga, there is a pose called Hanuman Asana or monkey pose.

Once Hanuman reached the seashore, he supposedly kneeled down in Virasana or Hero pose. He meditated to collect his strength, and thinking of his great love and devotion for Rama, leaped over the ocean!

The Yoga pose, Hanumanasana, perfectly represents this aspect of Hanuman. 

Hanumanasana is a powerful pose. Though Splits is more of a gymnastics exercise performed to achieve aesthetics and flexibility, Hanumanasana, which is likened to it, is more about power.

When one practices Hanumanasana (or a variation like Anjaneyasana), one pulls one’s thigh bones into one’s hip sockets. This activates the muscles around the thighs and hips to build strength. 

When one is in Hanumanasana, one cannot help but remember Hanuman’s energy, willpower, and courage. These are also the attributes that his devotees seek in order to overcome the myriad challenges of life and emerge victorious.

There are many temples for Yoga Anjaneya, a form of Hanuman that offers boons as well as protection to devotees. People perform Yoga Anjaneyar Homam to invoke his blessings for protection and prosperity.

Jai Bajrang Bali Ji 🙏🙏

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