Lord Shiva

Stories You Need To Know #10

Yatinath Avtar

There was once a tribal named Aahuk. He and his wife were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva.

 One day Lord Shiva visited them in the form of Yatinath. Since they had a very small hut that could accommodate only two people, Aahuk decided to sleep outside and let the guest sleep in. 

Unfortunately, Aahuk was killed by a wild animal at night. In the morning, finding Aahuk dead, his wife decided to kill herself. Then Lord Shiva appeared in His real form and blessed her with a boon that she and her husband will be reborn as Nala and Damayanti and Lord Shiva will unite them.”

Though this story doesn’t throw much light on the details of how Shiva’s Yathinath form is. So going by the etymology, ‘Yati’ means a sannyasi (ascetic) and ‘Nath’ means master. So this form of Shiva could largely relate to the master of ascetics.

Also the use of word ‘Nath’ is made in the context of ascetics of the ‘Nath’ sect historically popular for hatha yoga and miracles. 

Among these, the Shiva is considered as Adinath or the initiator of the tradition. Thereafter Gorakshnath, who is also called ‘Yati’ is also considered to be an incarnation of Shiva himself. So perhaps ‘Yatinath’ refers to him.

Gorakshnath has been mentioned in various traditional stories as an ascetic who could see the past, present, and future and travel anywhere in no time.

So in short Yatinath might refer to a Nath sect ascetic Gorakshnath.                

Om Namah Shivae🙏🙏

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