Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman


Slayer of demons, evil and negative energies:

Leave Hanuman Chalisa, even the Name of Lord Hanuman is more than enough to keep any supernatural entity at bay. Even a staunch and pure devotee of Lord Hanuman houses enough powers and an aura, which evil entities cannot withstand.

 He is all Gods in one form and additionally the Mother of the creation Herself blessed him to be all-powerful and second to none. All demons and supernatural beings in Lanka were Taken down by him in one shot, even the king of demons was helpless. 

This further instills fear into the hearts of these evil entities. In the Tantric cults, he is seen as the supreme deity, whose sadhana and protection Mantras are sought by many and those who are well accomplished and blessed by him are unmatched in all ways.

The Hanuman mūl mantra mentioned in parasara Samhita is the very soul of Tridevs, as mentioned by the maharishi parasara. If one gets entangled with Higher Evil entities like A betala or Brahmraksasa, then none but lord hanuman alone can save the affected.

Recite the hanuman mantra/ Chalisa or any other such hym daily, Serve him With selfless devotion, and you yourself will become powerful enough to repel any negative energy, by simply Putting your hands on or chanting His name.

It is said in the chalisa itself “bhoot pisaach nikate nahi aave, mahaveera jab naam sunaave”. Bhoot pisaach means ghost, goblins, Jinn, and any other form of negative and evil energy.

Jai Bajrang Bali Ji🙏🙏

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