Lord Shiva

Stories You Need To Know #13

Bhikshuvarya Avatar

Lord Shiva is the greatest God in Hinduism. He is the God of meditation and yoga. In India, people regard him as the biggest God that can fulfill all the wishes, desires, and dreams of people.

That’s why there is a saying “Dev vo ke Dev, Mahadev”.

There’s no doubt, that even if you just chant “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra for 108 days, 108 times per day with full devotion, Lord Shiva will come to you and bless you. Even though it is the most straightforward mantra, it can completely change a person’s life.

The mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” is regarded as one of the Maha Mantras in India. It is one of the greatest mantras, one can chant and a Yogi can chant to achieve bliss in their life.

Once upon a time, there lived a King named Satyarath who ruled Vidarbha. During a fierce battle with a neighboring kingdom, the King lost his life. His wife was able to survive by hiding in the forest. During the time, his wife was pregnant and gave birth to a son near a pond in the forest. Unfortunately, his wife also died because a crocodile hid inside a pond attacked her.

The poor child kept crying in hunger and thirst until a beggar heard the child’s cry but she hesitated to take the child until Lord Shiva appeared before her and told her to take the child and adopt her. She named the child Dharma Gupta.

This form of Lord Shiva appearing before the beggar and the child is known to be Bhikshuvarya Avatar.

Om Namah Shivae🙏🙏


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