Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman


Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji

Panchamukhi Hanuman is one of the supreme forms of lord hanuman, in this form he has five faces, that is why this form is called PANCHAMUKHI (five faced), this form is very powerful and energetic, the five faces of lord hanuman in this form are, lord Varaha, lord Narasimha, lord Garuda, and lord Hayagriva.

Panchamukha can be thought of as five ways of praying to god in Hinduism, they are naman,  smaran, keerthanam, yacham, arpanam, these five faces are the depiction of these five forms of worship, and hanuman Ji is always used to do naman, smaran and keerthanam of the supreme lord Rama.

Varah : The boar incarnation of lord Hari Narayan.

Varaha is most commonly associated with the legend of lifting the Earth (personified as the goddess Bhudevi) out of the cosmic ocean. When the demon Hiranyaksha stole the earth and hid her in the primordial waters, Vishnu appeared as Varaha to rescue her. Varaha slew the demon and retrieved the Earth from the ocean, lifting it on his tusks, and restored Bhudevi to her place in the universe.

Varaha may be depicted as completely a boar or in an anthropomorphic form, with a boar’s head and the human body. His consort, Bhudevi, the earth, is often depicted as a young woman, lifted by Varaha.

North facing Boar face (Lakshmi Varaha) grants prosperity and wealth.

Jai Bajrang Bali Ji🙏🙏


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