Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman


Devotion towards Panchmukhi Hanuman 

Hanuman is synonymous with devotion, surrender, and faith. One of his many names includes Bhakta Anjaneya. (Bhakta means devotee and Anjaneya is another name for Hanuman.) 

It is said that he worshipped Lord Ram in five ways: 

Naman: Taking the name of the Lord

Smaran: Constant remembrance 

Keerthanam: Singing praises & adulations 

Yachnam: Sincere, the selfless plea for a deeper faith 

Arpanam: Offering oneself / surrender 

This is also the path to worshipping the Panchamukhi Hanuman. Through mantras, stutis, bhajans, Hanuman (the 11th and Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva) has been eulogized. 

One of the famous prayers to Panchamukhi Hanuman is the Panchmukhi stotra. It praises each of the five manifestations, eradicating evil and negative forces for the devotee. 

The Panchamukhi Hanuman Kavach is also widely heard and meditated upon. It is believed to protect the devotee from every obstacle as the lines from this stotram epitomize: 

“Meditating upon Hanuman who is merciful and angry,

Immediately after waking up and surrendering to him,

Would put an end to all the enemies and lead to salvation.”

Jai Bajrang Bali Ji.🙏🙏

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