Lord Shiva

Stories You Need To Know #17

Brahmachari avatar

This story is related to the death of Mother Sati and her re-birth. Mother Sati was the daughter of Prajapati Daksha. Prajapati Daksha wanted him more than his life. Once upon seeing the good work of Prajapati Daksha, Maharishi Durvasha gave him a garland of flowers that Marja never did.

 Prajapati Daksha gave that garland to his beloved daughter Sati. When Maharishi Durvasha saw this, he got angry and cursed Prajapati Daksha that the daughter whom he loves so much one day would curse the same daughter. 

This curse of Prajapati Daksh came true and Prajapati Daksha did not invite Mother Sati to the Maha Yagya, so he humiliated her when Mother Sati left. Mother Sati could not bear his humiliation and gave up her life in the fire of Havana of Yagya. 

Once Mata Parvati was doing penance for Lord Shiva on the river banks. Seeing this, Mahadev took the form of Brahmachari and went to Mother Parvati. Seeing Mother Parvati doing penance, Brahmachari asked her the reason for her penance. Hearing this, the brahmachari condemned Lord Shiva and said that Shiva is aughad, inauspicious, veshdhari, and jatadhari and he is not a suitable groom for you. You will not get happiness by marrying them. You leave their attention. And also called them crematoriums and kapaliks. 

But Parvati remained firm in her thoughts. She became very angry after hearing such things about Mahadev. 

Seeing Parvati’s devotion and love, Mahadev appeared to her in his true form and promised to accept Mother Parvati as his wife. 

Om Namah Shivae🙏🙏

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