Know about Lord Krishna#6

Stories of Lord Krishna

Birth of Krishna

Exactly at midnight, Devaki gave birth to her eighth son.

As soon as the child was born, the prison cell was filled with a bright light. It was as if a thousand suns had descended, at once, into that dark and dingy cell.

The prison was filled with a bright light and Vasudeva waken up, by this light. He saw that Devki has given birth to a son. Just then he heard a divine voice,” Vasudev, get up. Take your newborn son to Gokul where your friend Nand will take care of this child. The child will be safe there.”

The divine voice continued,” Wife of Nand has also given birth to a daughter. LEAVE YOUR SON THERE AND BRING THEIR DAUGHTER here. 

Everyone will know that this is their own son and he will be taken care of by them as their own child.

To be continued…


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