Know about Lord Krishna#7

Stories of Lord Krishna

Taking Krishna to a safe place

After this, the bright light went out. The prison was dark once again and there was darkness everywhere. Vasudev picked up the little boy and cuddled him. 

He started thinking the ways of getting out from there without being noticed by anyone. He put the boy in a basket, and as soon as he did this the locks of the prison opened by themselves.

Vasudeva stepped out fearing someone could see him but he was surprised by all the guards sleeping like they were under a magic spell.

Vasudeva came out of the prison, carrying the basket on his head. No one noticed him. When he came to the bank of the river Yamuna, the river was overflooded.

 He started crossing the river on foot. He was worried that both of them could be swept away by the strong wind and currents of the water. He has covered the boy with just a piece of cloth.

To be continued…


Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Know about Lord Krishna#7

  1. Bonjour ANITA

    Après un tendre et doux réveil
    C’est la seule manière de se lever du bon pied
    C’est de se persuader que la journée sera pleine d’agréables surprises
    D’autant plus que nous commençons la semaine
    Je te souhaite un bon appétit avec un bon petit déjeuner, un bon diner
    Garde le sourire, ta bonne humeur
    N’oublie pas que la vie est courte
    Profite de chaque petit moment de la vie car ceux-ci ne reviendront jamais
    Je te souhaite une journée radieuse et pleine d’optimisme
    Même si parfois les choses ne sont pas toujours comme nous le voudrions
    Alors ce jour passe une agréable journée avec un petit bouquet de fleurs

    Bisous amicaux ton ami Bernard

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