Beauty of letters

Don’t know how it was,

When we waited for letters.

           Excitedly checking the mailbox,

           Hoping for something better.

The anticipation and thrill,

As we tore open the envelope.

            Reading words from a distant friend,

            And feeling a sense of hope.

But now things have changed,

And waiting seems like a crime.

             We send messages every second,

             And expect a response in no time.

We’ve grown impatient,

And the value of words has diminished.

            We don’t understand the worth,

            Of sentiments that were once finished.

We forget the beauty of waiting,

And the memories that will last.

                 Don’t know how it was,

                 When we waited for letters.

 But maybe we should slow down,

 And appreciate life’s little pleasures.

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

13 thoughts on “Beauty of letters

  1. I like this and agree with it. But I also think there is a need for both quick and almost constant communication that has its own sort of joys and emotions as well as the more considered and anticipated communication.

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    1. Thank you Bill. I totally agree with you, that instant reply is the need of the hour. In those days life was not that fast and writing letters to some one close was the only way of communication. Mobile phones and the technology that we are used to today, came much later in our life.
      Life has become much easier now and we all are getting benefitted by technology. But nostalgia overpowered me today and this poem is the result of that only.πŸ˜…πŸ₯°


      1. I agree on the longer letters. I was just thinking of the times I was in the military and away on temporary duty, or when i got out of the military and was away on my business meetings – or my wife when she was gone on hers- how important those short electronic missives were. But, I also agree on the longer letters and the care and emotions that can be better expressed that way.

        Just a little side note on this. The other day I was trying to figure out if the the day’s mail had come and remembering that in the days before email and texting and such, figuring it out was relatively easy – if none of the mailboxes had their flags up you could be fairly sure that the day’s mail had arrived. Now though, most days that flag no longer flies. I miss that.

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      2. Lol. My point was that only. Those days had their own significance. Those letters, whether it was from someone very close, friends or fiancee, they had a surprise hidden in them. Actually it was the only means of communication if you want it to convey properly. Telephone was not available in every house. Pigeons were used to send letters in very older days . Even a Bollywood hit movie is there if you want to watch…”Maine Pyar Kia”😊 In this movie a pigeon is used for exchanging letters between two lovers.
        Anyways that time was also good and now when everything is instant, this has it’s own charm.
        Thank you so much Bill for your comments and views. I appreciate it.πŸ₯°πŸŒΉ


    1. Thank you Dracul. I am happy that you liked this poem. Sometimes we feel that in older times when letters were handwritten and posted, it had a different type of curiosity to open and read them. In comparison to today’s text and Whatsapp messages.
      The person who brought us letters was called postman. When a letter was expected from our dear one, checking the letter box again and again was very interesting.😊 😊

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  2. I loved the poem it reminded me of years gone by when I had a pen pal and the anticipation of the next letter from overseas. The smell of the perfumed paper and the scroll of actual handwriting the beautiful envelope it came in and the pretty stamps from a different country. All of it just made me smile. But now in this world of instant messaging it all seems so sterile and inpersonal and black and white.

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    1. Thank you Cazzycoop for reading and sharing your lovely experience with me. It is so true that scent of those letters was unique. Even if you have saved some of them they smell so good and you feel nostalgic while opening them. I have saved a few letters which my husband wrote when we were engaged. 😊 😊 The paper is yellow and words are blurred a bit but we enjoy when we read them aloud sometimes. 🌹❀️

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