Anita Vij

I am a proud mother of two generously successful boys, who despite having their own children in or about teenage, are still pampered to act as teenagers. I am also a proud wife of an exceedingly caring husband, who I have come to think of as a “transformer” as he frequently shifts between being a husband, a friend, an accomplice, and many other things, including a punching-bag. And, I am a proud Indian woman who, despite being raised to be married before adulthood, leveraged her curiosity to develop business interests at an early age. I have travelled to no less than 25 countries for business, family, and leisure purposes. As much as I love visiting new places and meeting new people, I am also constantly amazed at the diversity of experiences and perspectives this world possesses. Other than my business endeavors, I have learned to maintain keen interests in four areas of health that impact all of us everyday of our lives – Spiritual Health, Mental Health, Physical Health, and Financial Health. As they say, sharing is caring, and I do care. Therefore, I will share. What they usually don’t say is, sharing is learning. It can be – if you share your opinions and comments on my thoughts with me so I can learn from your experiences too. I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you!


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