God In Our Heart

I can see everyone around me, And everyone can see me too.                 But I long to see the one,                 Who watches over us anew. The one who sees us all, But remains invisible to the eye.               The one who guides us through life,                As we stumble and we try. I look up at the sky,Continue reading “God In Our Heart”

Don’t complain, Don’t explain

In our family’s realm, where hearts unite, Generations mingle, like stars in the night.            With varied views and thoughts held dear,            We cherish the bond that draws us near. Let us weave a rule, a gentle decree, That honors our differences, sets us free.            We will never complain, never explain,                     And enter the serene autumnContinue reading “Don’t complain, Don’t explain”

Let Our Hearts Talk

​​ When we love someone, We speak so softly.          The more we love,          The softer our words oft. But as love wanes, Our voices raise.        Till we’re shouting,        Lost in a loveless daze. We don’t need words, To speak in love.        Our hearts and minds,        Connect like a glove. Just whispers, In each other’s ears.Continue reading “Let Our Hearts Talk”

Heart on my sleeve

Some people hide their feelings in tears, Others in a smile so sincere.             But I wear my heart on my sleeve,             And express my feelings, without reprieve. I don’t believe in hiding away, My emotions, come what may.              I’ll laugh, I’ll cry, I’ll shout,              And let my feelings out, no doubt. I’m not afraid toContinue reading “Heart on my sleeve”

Cracks In The Heart

Cracks are never good, they say, For people try to peep and pry.            They want to know what’s going on,            And they won’t let it go until they try. The cracks that form on the surface, Are like windows to the soul.           And though we try to cover them up,           They always seem to takeContinue reading “Cracks In The Heart”

Beauty of letters

Don’t know how it was, When we waited for letters.            Excitedly checking the mailbox,            Hoping for something better. The anticipation and thrill, As we tore open the envelope.             Reading words from a distant friend,             And feeling a sense of hope. But now things have changed, And waiting seems like a crime.              We send messages everyContinue reading “Beauty of letters”

The dawn will come

When love dies, it leaves an ache, A painful void, that’s hard to shake. The memories fade, the flame goes out, And what was once love, is now in doubt.             The promises made now left undone,             The passion and fire no longer won.             The sweet caresses, now just a memory,             The love that once was,Continue reading “The dawn will come”

My imperfection is my perfection

Imperfection, a label we’ve placed, On the things we see, the life we’ve traced. But what if imperfection was not a flaw, But a chance to grow, an opportunity to draw? For nothing is perfect, in this life we lead, From the smallest seed to the tallest weed. Our families, our friends, ourselves included, AllContinue reading “My imperfection is my perfection”

A night at cannon beach

Sitting on Cannon Beach at night, Fire burning between us bright.         The sea, in high tide, was black as coal,         Eagerly rushing to kiss the shore’s soul. The sky was merging with the sea, A sight so beautiful, it felt like a dream.         The wind was so strong, I felt its might,         As if itContinue reading “A night at cannon beach”

मेरे ख्यालात/My opinion

इस जिंदगी के बारे में सोचना, जरूरी तो नहीं!        क्या पुण्य है क्या पाप,       किसी ने बताया तो नहीं!! गर ये कहोगे की जीना जरूरी है, जीना होगा!!      मैं ये कहूंगी कि लिखना जरूरी है,      लिखना होगा! उतना ही जरूरी, जितना सांस लेना!!         उतना ही जरूरी,         जितना खाना खाना!               ये मेरी कलम नहीं,               मेरे जज़्बातContinue reading “मेरे ख्यालात/My opinion”

Is Lord Hanuman Alive#9

                  Is Hanuman Still Around? The secret mantra of Lord Hanuman However, there is a secret mantra that if chanted is said to make Hanuman appear before a devotee. The Mantra is: Kaaltantu Kaarecharanti Enar Marishnu, Nirmukter Kaaletwam Amarishnu.  Ardent devotees seeking to have the darshan of Hanuman chant this mantra fervently millions of times andContinue reading “Is Lord Hanuman Alive#9”

Know about Lord Krishna#8

Stories of Lord Krishna Sheshnaag protected Krishna Suddenly Vasudeva saw a giant multi-headed snake moving towards them. Vasudeva was frightened but he did not stop.  The snake protected both of them with his hood. This snake was,” SHESHNAAG.” It is believed that Sheshnaag was present before the universe existed and still be there when nothingContinue reading “Know about Lord Krishna#8”