Jai Bajrang Bali ji

Interesting Facts About Lord Hanuman That You Definitely Did Not Know Worshipped by many who wish to gain courage and strength in their lives, Lord Hanuman is probably one of the most celebrated and revered figures in Hindu Mythology. And although most of us know quite a bit about the deity’s life (thanks to allContinue reading “Jai Bajrang Bali ji”

Chaitra Navratri (nine nights)

Chaitra Navratri (nine nights) is particularly celebrated to worship goddess Durga and her nine forms through the nine days. Chaitra Navratri is also known as Vasant Navratri which falls during the  Spring season every year and is considered auspicious for the farming communities in the country. According to the Georgian calendar, it usually falls in the monthContinue reading “Chaitra Navratri (nine nights)”

The Symbolism and significance Of The Panchmukhi HanumanJi

When the-then President of the United States of America revealed the contents of his pockets, there was a gasp of surprise at the recording studio. Nestled among the many totems was a miniature statue of the popular Hindu deity, Hanuman. “If I feel tired, or I feel discouraged sometimes, I can kind of reach intoContinue reading “The Symbolism and significance Of The Panchmukhi HanumanJi”

Are you happy it’s Friday again? Let’s all thank almighty God for it.

Living in gratitude is a habit. It’s looking at the world with appreciation and being thankful to God no matter what your current situation is. Gratitude is a feeling of inner peace within ourselves and whatever we have. It attracts more good things in our life. So be good, nice and grateful.

Significance of wearing yellow on Thursday

IT is said that Thursday is considered to be the day of Lord Vishnu. According to religious belief on this day worship of Lord Vishnu is of great importance. Yellow colour is more dear to Lord Vishnu and at the same time yellow is a symbol of simplicity and hence there is a lot ofContinue reading “Significance of wearing yellow on Thursday”