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10 Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman

      YOU MUST KNOW #15 The Five-Headed (Panchamukhi) Hanuman – An Intriguing Image The Vaishnavas believe that the wind-god Vayu underwent three incarnations to help Lord Vishnu. As Hanuman he helped Rama; as Bheema he assisted Krishna; and as Madhvacharya (1197-76), he founded the Vaishnava sect. The Vaishnavas evolved a composite form of Hanuman with fiveContinue reading 10 Amazing Stories Of Lord Hanuman

Housla/ Courage

Kya  ye jante ho tum, Kya hota hai umar badhne ke sath! Vo jo Bachpan ki jid thi, Vo pakad lety hai samjhouton ka hath!!              Kisi se itna na rutho,              Ki baat ka wajan kam ho jae!              Bas itna hi kafi hai ki,              Dono ki ijjat bani reh jae!! Ik Sapna tootne se, Housla kamContinue reading Housla/ Courage

Commitment phobia

“I want a committed relationship, but I am afraid that I may get hurt.”  ” Do you have commitment phobia”?  We have heard this phrase many times in our life. What does it mean when someone has commitment phobia?  To understand this, first we have to understand the meaning of commitment. The definition of aContinue reading “Commitment phobia”


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