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God In Our Heart

I can see everyone around me, And everyone can see me too.                 But I long to see the one,                 Who watches over us anew. The one who sees us all, But remains invisible to the eye.               The one who guides us through life,                As we stumble and we try. I look up at the sky,…

Don’t complain, Don’t explain

In our family’s realm, where hearts unite, Generations mingle, like stars in the night.            With varied views and thoughts held dear,            We cherish the bond that draws us near. Let us weave a rule, a gentle decree, That honors our differences, sets us free.            We will never complain, never explain,                     And enter the serene autumn…

Let Our Hearts Talk

​​ When we love someone, We speak so softly.          The more we love,          The softer our words oft. But as love wanes, Our voices raise.        Till we’re shouting,        Lost in a loveless daze. We don’t need words, To speak in love.        Our hearts and minds,        Connect like a glove. Just whispers, In each other’s ears.…


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