How much money is enough?

Money: A little bit more please 😊

Assorted-weight Gold-colored Gold Plated Bars

Money: How much is too much…” just a little bit more money

Many of us say that money cannot buy happiness. But lack of it also brings misery, frustration, and dejection. Like they say, with money we can buy books but not knowledge, buy medicine but not health, and buy sleeping pills but not sleep. We cannot buy everything with money, but we cannot survive without it.

Money is just a piece of paper that we cannot eat or drink, but can we hold on to life without it? Yet money is the most powerful thing in this world. Can you deny it? No-one can…In today’s materialistic world money has become a yardstick of success. I ask you: who do you consider a successful human being?. The people who have more money power are deemed to be successful in society. In a way it’s true. Possession of goods and money to buy more goods are usually considered as the ultimate goal of life.

More clothes, more shoes, latest smartphones, laptops, tablets, largest screen TVs in the market, the list is never-ending. On larger scale luxury cars, new big homes with the latest facilities, and frequent world tours…our dreams are limitless. To fulfill all these dreams, we need more money. So how much money is enough? In my opinion, it can never be enough because of our ever-growing needs and desires. Even having more money cannot ensure happiness and joy in life. There are so many ultra-rich people who have no time and intention of spending money and still, they are not happy. We know many millionaires and billionaires who have even committed suicide.

So, the question is still there: how much money is too much.

One of my friends asked me:  “how much money should I have to retire comfortably in India”. I think it depends on individual needs and circumstances. As per recent studies by Standard Chartered, the Wealth Expectancy Report 2019, the average wealth expectancy in India with enough disposable income to save and invest is Rs3.6 crore or Rs1.3 crore for emerging affluent, Rs 2.6 crore for the affluent, and Rs 6.9 crore for high net-worth individuals(HNIs)

But this is just a study. There are many billionaires who have earned amass of wealth and still they yearn to earn more.

I would like to give an example: John Davison Rockefeller Sr was an American business magnate and philanthropist. He is widely considered the wealthiest American of all times and the richest person in modern history (8th July 1839 to 23 March 1937). At the peak of his fortune, he was asked in an interview: “How much money is enough money”. And his answer was… “Just a little bit more”. 😊 At that time, he had a personal net worth equivalent to one percent of the total U.S economy. Over 90 percent of the U.S oil and gas industry was owned by him. Today’s successful billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are nothing compared to him. And yet he wanted “just a little bit more money”.

Of course, money is important for survival and all of us want to earn enough of it to meet our daily living expenses plus some more to enjoy the things we like to spend on. But it should not be the only goal of life.

Peace begins within us. Try to be content with your life, but not too early. It should come with experience and progress. Don’t let money define you. Let money serve you. Don’t be the servant of your money. Financial independence is what we need. If you have enough money and savings for meeting the necessities of life – food, shelter, education, healthcare, and retirement – then you would be considered safe to lead a joyful life.

But you must be smart enough to invest in safe and high-yielding saving instruments. Considering the market conditions and inflation, if an investment portfolio is not taken care of properly, it can be risky.

Money can make us happy but if we think spiritually, helping less privileged people and removing the miseries of mankind can give us more peace and happiness than anything else in this whole world !!

None of the blogs or opinions expressed within is meant as advice to you or anybody else on any matter, including but not limited to, personal finance, health, or other matters of life. If you need advice, speak to a professional!

Published by Anita Vij

A caring mother of 2. A loving wife. An aspiring individual who wishes to share her life-long learnings with the rest of the world.

14 thoughts on “How much money is enough?

  1. “You cannot serve God and money.” That’s from the New Testament. I myself am fine now but retirement is far from all set up. However, I trust in God to provide what I need. Sometimes when we lose things we gain a lot more.

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    1. Yeah, that’s why the question of “How much money is enough” is difficult to answer. We don’t know how long we are going to live. Life is unpredictable…it can be just the next few minutes or many more years. Maybe this is also the reason we don’t know how much will be enough for this lifetime. That is the main reason for accumulating wealth. For some people, it can just be a desire to be as rich as they can, and leave behind a legacy of wealth.🙂🙂

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      1. I think sometimes it’s a desire to control as much as possible. You don’t like the heat in India? Buy AC IF You Can Afford It!
        And so on.
        People like that don’t always realize that simple villagers who must tolerate discomfort and uncertainty often have a rich inner life.
        Mind you I am not against sound investing. We each have own own path and calling. Maturity does not covet but rather counts it’s blessings.
        Not always there myself but much closer as I age. 😊


      2. Thank you so much for sharing your views. Money is important to survive on this earth. Everyone wants comfort and to maintain a good standard of living. But there are many people, who are running after money despite having so much wealth. Nothing is bad in that also as it’s their perspective or desire.😊 My point is, we can’t buy happiness with only money. For that, we have to get inner peace. By helping less privileged and needy people probably we can get that.😊😊

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      3. I think each situation is different. Just handing out money rarely helps in the long run, unless the recipient is wise enuf to use it wisely. Also, some beneficiaries just get bitter. You try to help (when they ask) but they just bite you in the a** out of their insatiable jealousy and want more and more handouts. Another way of helping is though contemplative prayer and spiritual intercession, although most societies are largely in the dark in this area. Some – certainly not all – newcomers to Canada assume ‘white’ folks like me had everything handed to them on a silver platter. But they have no clue what kind of psychological and spiritual work I did to earn what I have. I have learned to stay away from jealous, grasping people like that.


  2. Money can make us happy but if we think spiritually, helping less privileged people and removing the miseries of mankind can give us more peace and happiness than anything else in this whole world !!

    That is the value of money. If we can help the needy. One must have that much money such that one is satisfied wit roti, kapda aur maakaan. Beyond that one must have sound health. Money should not go waste with medicine. Thereafter one should have mental peace. As such there wont be wastage of money in comparing with other’s property.
    Basic requirement fulfilment is must
    Anita ji, you have posted very good topic. We must not run after money. Money is needed, but we should stop chasing madly.
    Excellent post!
    Regards. 😊🙏

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    1. In this materialistic world, most of the people are running after money. To earn more and accumulate more, they do not set any limit.
      I read somewhere that till the age of 50 we are trying to establish our entity and after that we want to earn more and save more to show our worth.
      I personally feel, to an extent and to fulfil all our needs we should do the needful but after that we should pay back.
      In life there is a time when we all should pay back. Being helpful and kind to others is always liked by God.v😊😊
      I have almost completed the book by Robin Shrma.🙏🙏


      1. Great 👍
        I will send you more books, one by one.
        I wrote one gist of “THE MONK WHO SOLD HIS FERARI”
        Hand written notes.
        I will send it to your email.
        You are right Anita Ji.
        This is the payback time for us.
        Let us do good for mankind, whatever we can do.
        Regards 🙏😊


      2. Arun Ji, I have Scribd and all those books are already there. So I can read on my paperwhite. 😊 Your handwritten notes are valuable so send them, please. Thank you so much.😊🙏

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      3. Thank you for the information. Enjoy reading. I have sent you my hand written notes through mail. Hope you will like it. Plz acknowledge rcpt of attachment. Namaste!🙏


    1. You are absolutely right.😊 This is what I wanted to say in this post. Money being a necessity in life, for a comfortable life, is a must have. But the point is no one was able to find satisfaction and happiness after earning loads of money. For which I gave a few examples also. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting. 😊😊


  3. Showing my worth was not a motive for acquisition of money. When I reached 50, it made me notice I had paid no attention to my money future. That, too, might be a motive for financial acquisition at that point.
    I also like the saying “It’s not having what makes you happy; it’s being happy with what you have.”
    Thank you, Anita, for your words!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your views. Money is an essential part of life and we all need it to live comfortably. My post is just for those, who regardless of having an enormous amount of money are racing to earn more and still are not happy with what they have. Even after earning loads of money, they feel empty from inside. Money can’t buy happiness.

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