Do you want to take control of your life?

What are boundaries and how to set them?

As discussed in my last article on” Gaslighting”, some people try to control other people around them. The main reason behind this kind of mentality is gaining power over others through their actions. If you are in this kind of situation, it becomes very important to gain control over your own life, so that no one can overpower you and your life.

What is the most crucial part of taking charge of your life?

 You should have full control over your body and mind. Mind and body connection is the link between a person’s thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Everyone knows now that emotions can affect our physical health and longevity.

You must have experienced that your body responds to stress and anxiety or depression. When you are stressed, you might develop high blood pressure or headache. While feeling depression or anxiety, you may have trouble falling asleep or some other complication like back pain or shortness of breath.

The biochemistry of mind and body connection:

While we still don’t understand everything about the mind-body connection, scientists are discovering some of the ways in which communication occurs. Dr Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE, a preventive and lifestyle medicine physician, describes the brain as “the hardware” that allows us to experience the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions that we collectively call the “mind.”

Communication happens via chemical and physical messengers, such as hormones and neurotransmitters. In fact, researchers have identified the actual neural networks that connect the cerebral cortex to the adrenal medulla, which actives the body’s response in stressful situations. These findings illuminate how mental states, such as stress and depression, can influence organ function.”

Now that you know how mind and body work together let’s find out how to take back control of your mind and body.

Taking control of your mind:

Controlling your mind is a” character strength” that will improve your quality of life. 

Erase all the fears from your mind as it is just illogical. 

Distract your mind when negative voices get too loud. Everyone goes through these negative thoughts so it’s not just you. Try to say it aloud, it will help break the cycle.

Try to live in the moment. If you feel that while working on something your mind is wandering and you are feeling negative about anything just focus on what you are doing. If you are cleaning the house think about the dirt and how to clean it perfectly. 😊

Learn to respect your choices. Always remember it’s your life and you are the one who should take all decisions regarding your life. Consider all options available to you and take the best decision you think will work for you. After all, it’s your life and you are the master here.

Half the battle of life is won if you get full control over your mind. 

To set your personal boundaries:

 First, you have to figure out your priorities. Then you will know what you want from your relationships. These boundaries may or may not be obvious for others to follow. 

It can be challenging to navigate and at times uncomfortable but setting and communicating them is essential for your mental health.

To bring happiness in your life learn when to ‘Yes’ and how to say ‘No’. This is how you set your boundaries.

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” is a saying that is believed to have often been used by the ancient Greeks.

To attain a healthy body, nutrition is of utmost importance. What goes into our body impacts our body and mind. Thus a healthy gut is important for a healthy body. ‘Impact of food on our mood’ is now scientifically proven. Nutrient-rich food can have positive mental and emotional outcomes.

Make yoga and mediation a way of your life for positive mind, body connection:

Yoga benefits the brain in ways that are similar to aerobic exercise, according to the study published in the journal Brain Plasticity, which has also been shown to improve cognitive performance, attention and memory.

“By focusing on and controlling our breath, we can change how we think and feel. We can use the breath as a means of changing our emotional state and managing stress.”—Tommy Rosen, yoga teacher and founder of Recovery 2.0

Last but not the least, try practising’ positive visualization’. If you try to imagine a situation positively, it will react on the parts of the brain, as if it is really happening. This will have a positive impact on your nervous system which will in return relax your body and mind.

So what are you thinking? Be yourself, power is not given to you, you have to take it.😀😀

None of the blogs or opinions expressed within is meant as advice to you or anybody else on any matter, including but not limited to, personal finance, health, or other matters of life. If you need advice, speak to a professional!

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27 thoughts on “Do you want to take control of your life?

  1. The soul
    includes the material
    the body
    the organs
    the nerves
    all cells
    the microbiome
    with all your senses
    and the mind
    in consciousness
    it applies
    all adversity
    from within
    and outside
    with practice
    the compensation
    to create


  2. Years ago I was in a very bad place. I remember a friend sort of forcing me to do yoga class with her. It was obviously yoga and meditation as it often is. I couldn’t believe how good and relaxed I felt after the very first session! I continued doing that class for some time and I can admit now it helped me not only with my body but first and foremost with my mind!

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    1. I totally agree with you. Yoga is beneficial in so many ways. For mental health as well as physical health. Regular yoga practice helps to maintain a balanced metabolism. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your views.


  3. I really agree with this post, more over anything the idea of personal boundaries. You’d think that most boundaries would be for other people, but in reality boundaries for ones self is very effective to taking charge.

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  4. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    A danger for our own personality is when we allow other people to take over our mind and control ourselves.
    Mind and body have to be in unison with each other and when there is an unbalance we should find our way by meditative arts. Kounovsky, Yoga, Mindfulness and meditation a.o. can help to get back in balance, having a healthy body as a covering of a healthy spirit.
    A lot f people also forget that there is a Word Which can bring us back on the right path and make us stronger to cope with all the difficulties of life. That book of book is available in so many languages that everybody, wherever living in the world, can get to read that Guide to live in the best way we can.

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