Navratri 2020 5th Day: Know all about Skandamata Devi ‘mantras, stotras, puja vidhi’

Navratri 2020 5th Day: Know all about Skandamata Devi 'mantras, stotras, puja vidhi'

Today marks the 5th day of Navratri 2021 and Skandamata Devi is worshipped on this auspicious day of Navratri. Skandamata is the fifth avatar of Navdurga. Below is a list of the ‘mantras’, ‘stotras’, and ‘puja vidhi’ for Skandamata Devi. The colour of the fifth day of Navratri is royal blue.

Speaking about Skandamata Devi, the Hindu scriptures say that when Goddess Parvati became the mother of Kartikeya, also known as Skanda, she came to be known as Maa Skandamata. Shardiya Navratri is one of the most auspicious periods of the Hindu calendar when Maa Durga descends on Earth from her abode in Kailash. 

Today is also celebrated as Maha Panchami of the Devi Paksha and Durga Puja officially starts on Thursday. Goddess Durga will be welcomed on Maha Shasthi tomorrow.

Maa Skandamata Puja Vidhi, Mantra, Stotras 

‘Puja Mantra’: Devotees of Skandamata Devi chant ‘Om Devi Skandamatayai Namah’ a hundred and eight times. 

Prarthana: Simhasanagata Nityam Padmanchita Karadvaya || Shubhadastu Sada Devi Skandamata Yashasvini

                                   Jai Mata Di

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